Zelda like Games on Steam

Zelda like games on steam
Zelda like games on steam

The legends of Zelda game is an all-time classic game which is loved by all age group people.  This game has it all be it puzzle or strategy. Zelda like games on steam is available in the order you are not able to play this game.

Zelda is available only on Nintendo’s consoles as a first-party exclusive. Hence everyone may not be able to play this game. That’s the sole reason why this game may not be available for a large section of people. In this blog, we will be talking about Zelda like games on steam which you download and play. It will for sure not to make any difference other than the user interface.

Its gameplay is totally like legends of Zelda. So go ahead and explore every game. You can download these games with the help of links which are present.

Zelda like games on steam which you should play

1-Okami HD (PS3, PS2, Wii)

First one in the list is Okami. Its gameplay is very similar to the legends of Zelda. You start as a wolf then you have to fight with some enemies which are in the form of dungeons.

Zelda like games on steam

This game has a great user interface which is very colorful. You are gonna like this game if you love the legends of Zelda. The game focuses on solving complex puzzles with brush techniques. By drawing the right icons players can make dead trees bloom, repair bridges, and do much more.

Download ($13.99)

2- Beyond Good and Evil HD (Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

This game is very similar to the legends of Zelda apart from its mix of genres. It has a whole bunch of genres which will not make you feel bored. This game begins with some unique task in which you have to click some photographs which will help you to clear the levels.

Zelda like game on steam

It will help you to get pearls. Without enough pearls, you cannot upgrade your hovercraft and other skills, so they are indeed important.

Download ($9.99)

3- 3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3) Zelda like games on steam

3D dot game heroes have some interesting task to complete. In this task, you have to stop a monster from making the world a miserable place. You have to unlock some levels with the help of points which you will get when you will complete the mission.
3D Dot Heroes mixes the world of Zelda with a modern retro-themed game and does so in an entertaining manner.


4- Psychonauts (Xbox, Xbox 360, PS4, PC)

Zelda like games on steam
Zelda like games on steam

This game has more gravity in solving the puzzles to move further. You have to solve various hard puzzles along with the strategy-making in order to start your successful campaign. This is just like another Zelda like games on steam which will help you to get the same feeling which you get when you play the legends of Zelda.

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Instead of following the dialogue in the real world, you will find yourself traveling through other people’s minds which is more than enough of a reason for us to recommend this game.

Download ($7.99)

5- Oceanhorn: Monsters of the Uncharted Sea (Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One)

This game is on 5th on the list. This game has bought a lot of gameplay from Zelda. The puzzles are simple, yet entertaining, and the entire game is simple to play. Analog stick moves, one button attacks, and the other moves objects. The plot might get a little boring, but the game is really fun.

Download ($14.99)

These are the top 5 Zelda like games on steam. This will get you the experience what you got in the legends of Zelda.