Witcher 3 Builds – The Best Character Build

witcher 3
witcher 3

Developed by CD Projekt RED featuring the witcher Geralt of Rivia, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released on 19th May 2015. The compelling storyline, its intricacies as well as the freedom that the player gets when it comes to Geralt’s growth as a character has resulted in this game’s popularity. The alchemy that the player can make. Thus this article is all about explaining different types of witcher 3 builds in detail.

This game gives the player various options for completing the game based on the different choices regarding its builds such as signs, combat.

List of Rank Wise Witcher 3 Builds

The countless ways that this game provides in the form of builds to forge Geralt are listed below.

10. Alchemist Build: The presence of the alchemy tree in this build allows the player to use powerful poisons on your blade with oil and bomb preparation skills. It also enables them to weaken the enemy’s ability to craft bombs. In this build, you are busy foraging and gathering ingredients as it affects the toxicity levels of Geralt.

9. Signs Alchemy Build: The combination of Alchemy and Signs build makes Geralt a perfect magician and brewmaster as you can outwit your enemies. This build exploits the enemies to the fullest degree by taking into account the weakness of each enemy. Alchemy and Signs combination work when you use Rage Management from General Skills as that allows you to use adrenaline to cast signs. In this build, only Firestream in signs skills that is the most effective source of strength is capable of causing you ultimate damage.

8. Combat Signs Build: In this build, there is a perfect balance of swordplay and Geralt’s magic that eliminates the confusion between the two. Focusing purely on combat skills this built is your Igni Sign to melt the defence of enemy and Quen Sign for shield and protection. It helps in whacking monsters as well as people with bits of metal. Since this build lets, you utilise signs, Griffin or medium armour is the best choice. This highly specialised build, however, lacks versatility.

7. All Rounder Build: With the help of combat, signs, alchemy and general build, this all-rounder build with its versatility allows you to tackle any situation. This witcher 3 build does not make you fully versed with specific skill sets. But gives you a good chance to find victory against any type of opponent with right tactics.

6. High Defence Build: Using high defence build is an intelligent idea if your play style is waiting for that perfect moment to strike while your enemies are at bay. In this build, you get the ability to grab crowd control in the form of yrden that slows down your enemies and quen to protect and shield yourself. The aard ability is useful to push away enemies when Geralt gets clumped up. You also have the option to go for a strong attack that is paired with Bear School heavy armour to give that extra protection.

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5. Full Sign Build: This build makes signs and related skills as effectively as possible as it takes maximum advantage when the enemy is weakened. The best combinations associated with this built are melt armour, fire stream and active shield. You will have to rely upon sword attacks since signs are built to supplement Geralt’s swordplay. This build, however, gives you get the versatility against a whole range of foes when you master the full arsenal of signs.

4. High Offence Build: Focusing on the combat skill category, high offence build supports swordplay with damaging signs and buff based alchemy. This in the list of witcher 3 builds is suitable for you if you want to push and kill the enemies before there is a need for defence. The presence of fire stream in this build acts like the best damage healer.

3. Agile Build: This build will be by your side if you want to stay light and swift on your feet. This is the most heavily combated focused build if you intend to focus on fast attack skills. Whirl is the most remarkable skills in this build that allows you to control the battle when multiple enemies are attacking you. The presence of muscle memory in this build boost the damage that is done for fast attacks. If you want to opt for a light armour then feline armour and the cat school gear converts Geralt’s kit into a quick roguelike fighter.

2. Tank Build: Tank build that secures the second position in the list of witcher 3 builds is ideal if you want to cause some serious damage in combat. This build has a combat tree that provides you with strong attack skills to cause high damage. The combat tree is the foundation that gives you the most advantages and survivability on the basis of your early resources and strength. The bear school techniques boost your attack and health pool with each piece of heavy armour that you equip. The ursine armour converts Geralt into a demolishing tank making him capable of taking any battle head-on. Adrenaline burst is useful in this build as one point increases your adrenaline again.

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  1. Combat Alchemy Build: By far the most demanding and the best build of this game, combat alchemy build focuses purely on alchemy skills. It is based on making your potions, oils, bombs and decorations as potent as possible. Widely used in The Witcher 3’s Death March, this build enables you to unlock heightened tolerance from alchemy so that you can consume more potions to heal you. Patience and plenty of ingredient foraging are the essentials of Combat Alchemy Build. This build bolsters all your abilities and allows you to exploit as many enemy weaknesses as you can.


Thus a reading of the list of witcher 3 builds rank wise solves our query of choosing among the best build. All the builds irrespective of their rank helps you to overpower your level and grow stronger.