Best Upcoming Zombie Games 2019

upcoming zombie games
upcoming zombie games

No game genre can ever beat a zombie game. It’s one of the most popular gaming genres of all time. While there are many category games which comes and go but there’s nothing like Zombie game. These type of games basically, you have to overcome a zombie which comes in your way. In this blog, we will be talking about some of the best upcoming zombie games which have some of the amazing gameplay.

In the below upcoming zombie games all games have different storytelling with some unique gameplay.

As we have seen until now that the zombie games are often loved by the user. Till 2018 there have been a whole bunch of games which comes in the category of zombie games.

2019 looks to be another year filled with bullets, blood, and brains with a slew of new zombie games set to release. So we thought we’d highlight the ones that zombie fans can’t wait to get their lifeless hands on. Make sure to check back as we’ll be updating this list with more titles in the future.

Best upcoming zombie games

1-Double Kick Heroes (Switch, PC) – Summer, 2019

upcoming zombie games
upcoming zombie games

Developed by Headbang Club, Double Kick Heroes features a soundtrack made up of licensed Metal tracks as well as original songs exclusive to the game. In this game, you cover a road which is haunted by nightmares. you have to fight with zombies and win the level. There are very different maps on which you can play this game.

2-The Black Masses (PC) – Summer, 2019

upcoming zombie games

In this game, you will be left stranded on an island where you have to find your way out. Basically you fight with some of the deadliest zombies to survive and find a way to get out of the island. In addition, you have to save the island from the zombies.

TBM has you taking down massive hordes of zombies with a variety of medieval-style weapons such as axes and swords while exploring a huge map via parkour-inspired traversal.

3-Zombie Rollerz (Switch, PC) – Nov 2019

upcoming zombie games
upcoming zombie games

This game is a randomly-generated pinball action RPG. You play as a 6 different character in the game where you combine to form a team to defeat the zombies.

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With each run different than the last, Zombie Rollerz is sure to deliver a thrilling experience with plenty of frenetic pinball combat maneuvers and challenging enemies.

4- Dysmantle (PC) – TBA, 2019

upcoming zombie games

Developer 10tons have tried to come up with this upcoming zombie games for the first time. This game involves creativity where you are stranded on an island. In order to get out of the island, you have to make and craft some weapon in order to deal with zombies.

Where Dysmantle differs from a lot of other games in this genre is its lighthearted tone, which is evident by the game’s cartoonish visual style and a plethora of relaxing activities, such as fishing and farm cultivation.

5- Daymare 1998 (PC) – TBA, 2019

This game, unlike the others, will be played in third-perspective mode. Players will experience the stories of three separate characters that each play a role in the spreading of a zombie plague. With resources scarce and the constant threat of the undead looming, you’ll have to act fast if you want to learn how to make it out alive.

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These were some of the best upcoming zombies games which you can play right away.

So go ahead and wait for little more to enjoy these upcoming zombie mode games.