Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

Top 10 Legendary Pokemon
Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

In the ever-growing world of pokemon, the strategy of selecting the most appropriate pokemon is crucial. This is because Legendary Pokemons are not only ranked by power but also depend upon other factors. The continuous evolution of the Pokemon series has resulted in the involvement of new pokemon in the list of top 10 legendary pokemon.

This often leaves the people who worship this game religiously in a confusion to choose amongst the various new additions. Thus to update gamers, we have tried to narrow this endless list by noting down the top 10 legendary pokemon with their ranks in a detailed form.


When Introduced in Pokemon X in 2013 this legendary pokemon ended the reign of overpowered dragon types and proved to be a force reckoned with its stat-boosting signature move called Geomancy.

top 10 legendary pokemon

Its cute fluffy tail and rainbow horns that had all business gave it a beautiful yet intimidating presence. Xerneas had the power of flourishing forests and restoring the life of people turned into stone by its Dark Type that was a rare and miraculous ability amongst top 10 legendary pokemon.


Introduced in Pokemon Diamond in 2006, this legendary pokemon is said to have the ability to distort and control time with the diamond on its chest. It is a massive dinosaur that is totally metal and wears armor. This incredibly bulky pokemon attacks with force and is not weak to the dragon and ice type moves. Unlike most dragons, its steel type in the game gives it impressive nine resistances and one immunity. This pokemon’s ability to manipulate time enables it to do downright unacceptable things. Some of them are winding back the clock to devolve your opponent’s pokemon or taking two turns in a row.

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Zapdos a legendary electric pokemon controls lightning bolts that explain the reason behind its likeness of nesting in thunderclouds. This pokemon that was introduced in the pokemon red and green version in 1995 is a sharp, jagged representation of lightning.

top 10 legendary pokemon
top 10 legendary pokemon

It can even create thunder with the flaps of its wings and powers up, even more, when it is struck by natural lightning. Its incredible special attacks, fast speed, and above-average defenses make it a must-have on the pokemon stadium teams.


Pronounced as SWEE-Koon, this aurora pokemon first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver in 1999. With its purple mane and dual streamer, this legendary pokemon is the embodiment of the north winds that purifies water. Being the most elegant of the trio, Suicune’s steely wolf and cute ice doggy give it immense popularity.

6. Ho-Oh

This multicolored rainbow pokemon that gave its first appearance in Pokemon Gold in 1999 is pronounced as HOE-OH. This legendary pokemon has the ability to create the most gorgeous rainbows and can also resurrect people as well as pokemon from the dead.

top 10 legendary pokemon


The majestic whale sea basin pokemon that can fly made an immense flash after its debut in Pokemon Sapphire in 2002. This legendary pokemon slumbers in a marine trench for ages and can cause downpours that widen the oceans when it awakes. Its impressive stats make this pokemon an offensive and defensive threat. Kyogre’s trait of altering the flow of battle by the change of weather can shape the entire metagame for specific generations.

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Pronounced as gear-uh-TEE-na, this renegade pokemon is the most terrifying legendary Dragon/ Ghost-type pokemon. This is the only pokemon that can travel between the reverse world and another world. It has the ability to fly in the opposite world with its origin forme and changes to an altered form when it enters the other world.

top 10 legendary pokemon

The signature shadow force of Giratina is a robust ghost type attack that can hit through and permanently break protect. This force gives it’s rival no respite from this pokemon as it crushes the defense and takes its enemies to a timeless, space warped zone of terror.


Lugia pronounced as LOO-gee-uh is a diving pokemon that gave its debut in 1999 in Pokemon Silver is the boss of the three powerful legendary birds from Gen 1. Its high defensive stats are so good in a battle that it has got the nickname of the Great Wall of Pokemon. If Lugia uses its wings, it can cause a forty-day storm. However, it rarely emerges from its home in the deep-sea trenches. This powerful colorless attacker can be utilized to a large extent in many decks.


Though it looks like an angry green flying serpent of death, this legendary sky-high pokemon lives high above the ozone layer and can be rarely seen. It is one of the good pokemon that serves as the guardian of the sky as it has the responsibility of keeping the peace between the land and sea legendaries, Groudon and Kyogre. Unlike other pokemon, this pokemon does not have a mega stone.


Its special organ called mikado gives it the ability to protects the planet from extraterrestrial threats including incoming meteors and secretly hiding aliens. Rayquaza that is included in the list of top 10 legendary pokemon has the capability of devastating entire teams by itself.


Called as MYU- too, this genetic pokemon was created after the recombination of mew’s genes by scientists that gave it the most savage heart of all Pokemons. This pokemon has set the precedent for what means to be a powerful pokemon and we as kids often laid our eyes on this pokemon in the first few seconds of the opening song. With its base speed stat of 130 and base special attack of 154, it holds a great one hit of KO potential. It can be unleashed with immense effect as a result of its high speed and higher special attack.

Thus in the era of an increase in the number of pokemon, reading this list gives you a clear idea as to whom you should include in your team’s roster while playing the game related to Pokemons.