Tips to win a Ludo match in LUDO King

    Tips to win a Ludo Match

    Well during this quarantine or isolation time where the majority of you have limited things to do. Playing ludo with your friends and family can be a great option too. Often I have seen that people keep complaining about their luck that they just win any matches. You just need tips to win a ludo match.

    In this blog, we will be talking about some tips and tricks to win a ludo match. There is much application to play ludo which you can download from google play store. However, Ludo king is the highest rating ludo match and hence we will talk about that game too.

    Collect all of the free coins that you can get daily

    Tips to win a Ludo Match

    You will surely not want to spend your hard-earned money in the game. Hence collecting coins become prime importance. Collect daily free coins so that you never ran out of it.  Every coin that you can get for free within the game would allow you to play for a longer time, helping you stay connected with your close ones in this dire time.

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    Playing for fun? Play small

    Don’t bid your large amount of coins in one single match. If you are just playing for fun then you can simply bid a small amount of money in order to not ran out of coins.

    Getting all pieces free should be your goal

    Many of ludo player just concentrate on one game at a time. That should not be your gameplay. You should see all your and try moving it parallel. Also, try to free up your pieces by getting six on dice. This should be your first goal in the starting.

    Spread your pieces throughout the board

    Don’t keep your pieces in one place. Spread it throughout the board so that you can cut other player pieces. Spreading your pieces throughput the board will help you to win ludo as it will become resistant to other players.

    So these were the tips to win a ludo match in ludo king. I hope you now don’t complain about not winning ludo match. Follow these points as they are worth practicing.