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Thunderblight Ganon: How To Reach There?

Thunderblight Ganon
Thunderblight Ganon

Developed and published by Nintendo for Switch and Wii U consoles, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released in 2017. This action-adventure game is set up at the end of the Zelda timeline in which the player controls the link who awakens from a hundred-year slumber to defeat Thunderblight Ganon before it destroys the kingdom of Hyrule. The player in this game is required to overpower as well as defeat this Ganon that can ruin the entire kingdom.

The article below, however, deals with all the details that anyone who plays this game requires for defeating Thunderblight Ganon Boss.

What is Thunderblight Ganon?

Zelda’s Breath of the Wild Thunderblight Ganon is the boss of the Vah Naboris dungeon who is to be defeated for claiming back the Divine Beasts.

Thunderblight Ganon: How To Reach There?

Before using the terminals, the players of Zelda Breath of the Wild Thunderblight Ganon are required to do some preparation. The players can reach the Main Control Unit in the main hall after the activation of five terminals. They are supposed to move each compartment as well as are required to have the circuit running along the ground. After reaching the map room, they are supposed to run the far back wall up the slope to hope over to the centre. They Guardian Shields act as an aid when the players need some help. These can be pillaged from several combat-oriented Shrines in the order of increasing difficulty. The Soh Kofi shrine location is a minor test of strength trial solution. The muwo jeem shrine location is the modest test of strength trial solution and the Chaas Qeta shrine location is a major test of strength trial solution. These are also an appropriate place for getting Guardian weaponry.

Beating Thunderblight Ganon Boss Fight

Preparations Before Fighting With Thunderblight Ganon Boss

The player is required to put on his rubber tights to protect himself from lightning damage before beginning the fight with Thunderblight Ganon. They can get the rubber tights through the Serpent’s Jaw Shrine quest. These tights are crucial as they protect the player from lightning-based attacks.

First Phase

The first phase involves Thunderblight Ganon’s lightning-fast movements as well as actual lightning attacks and whoever plays this game should know block and attack. In this, the boss quickly wraps around and arrives at the player’s feet with a sword thrust. They are required to block with themselves with the shield when they anticipate this and are positioned face on. This act leads the player open to attack and at that time they are required to quickly swipe it with a sword. If it lands then they are required to destroy the shield and continue to knock it back before they follow up with more damage when it’s stunning. The players do not have the time to strike and then block in case the boss wraps again. In this case, they should rely on Flurry Strikes to dodge and damage that is performed by tapping the Y button.

Thunderblight Ganon Boss can rise into the air as well as throw electricity at the players, thus they should keep an eye on him and run away from where these land. Since they are slow and inaccurate enough, the players should be able to dodge them with ease. The player can ping over the arrows if it raises into the air after destroying the shield. If they land on critical hits, it would drop down to the ground and be dazed again that allows them to get in more attacks. The player can smash that to pieces when the boss starts regenerating.

Second Phase

Metal posts drop from the sky and become electrified in the second phase. They do not pose much of a threat in case of not standing near them as these are the tickets of players for dealing with damage. They should get into the upper level from one of the side slant supports and should wait until some rain down. To get into the third and final phase, they have to get onto the upper level from the slide slant supports and wait till some rain down.

Final Phase

Similar to the first phase, except for being faster, this has a combo attack as well as an electrified sword. Any metal shield that the player has would be useless and it conducts electricity as well as zap them whenever they block. With wooden or guardians shields, they can block the rapid attack. They should rely upon Flurry Strikes after getting teleported to dodge. The Guardian style laser attack helps to dive as well as hide behind one of the supports.

The Final Thought

Thus by defeating Thunderblight Ganon boss, the player gets Urbosa’s Fury that calls down a lightning strike around him.