The best PS4 external hard drives for 2020

    best PS4 external hard drives

    PS4 hard drives can be the best way to boost your PS4 storage space and provide some breathing space. PS4 does come with the amount of storage but then also it is small for geek gamers. In order to make your PS4 experience worth the best PS4 external hard drive is needed.

    The PS5 will be ditching HDDs for SSDs and this is actually something you can readily and easily do for your PS4 external hard drive right now. SSDs decrease load times and make it faster to transfer your games and saves. However, they are (mostly) a bit dearer, though recent times have seen a steady and general decline in their pricing.

    In this blog, we will be talking about best PS4 external hard drives for 2020 which you can buy for a surreal experience.

    1. WD My Passport 4TB Portable Hard Drive

    This hard drive is one of the most reliable one which you can buy. It is having mass storage with great transfer speed. However, it is not as fast as SSD for obvious reasons. We’d go for the 4TB version, for several reasons.

    Right now, you see the biggest savings on the 4TB, and you tend to get better value the bigger the storage capacity. With 4TB, you’ve easily got space for 50+ AAA games and loads more indies and smaller downloads from the PS Store.

    2. Toshiba 1TB Canvio Advance

    best PS4 external hard drives

    This Toshiba hard drive is available in different colors. Gone is the Canvio Basics, and newly arrived is the Canvio Advance – a superior drive, which performs as well as most other HDDs on this list but for a lower price. It’s roughly the same cost as the Basics but comes with a few extra tricks. The read and write speeds are marginally faster, and almost on a par with the WD MyPassport.

    3. Seagate Expansion 6TB HDD

    It is having 6TB storage which you can use to store huge amounts of data and games. There’s no need for any mains cables either, just plug and play, and USB 3.0 will keep things transferring speedily. The price is kept low by the fact this is a standard HDD, so read speeds won’t be as fast as the SSD hard drives like the Samsung. If you get a 6TB drive… that’ll probably store between 80-100 PS4 games, so you’ll never need to worry about space again.

    4. WD Black P10 1-5TB Game Drive

    best PS4 external hard drives

    This Ps4 has a solid semi-rugged portable option for external storage.It might not be as tough as the ArmorATD below, but you certainly get a really sturdy drive for your money – without paying for that bonafide ruggedness and durability.

    In terms of performance, the hard drive runs cool (and quietly too), even with multi-hour sessions of work copying over and downloading a library’s worth of games.