Best Switch Games You Should Play Right Now


Switch games are fun to play as you have plenty of option to do the task. There are many famous switch games which you might be knowing like Mario games, stardew valley and many more. In this blog, we will be talking about the best switch games which are available.

Best Switch games you should play

1- Stardew Valley

Best switch games

This game is all about farming. In addition, this game is one of the best switch games available. You can do the farming wherever the heck you want. This makes this game one of the best switch games in the market.

Genre: Simulation
Price: $14.99/£10.99

What is it? A cute, pixel-art farming simulator that has stolen the hearts of most of the GamesRadar+ office.

2- Splatoon 2

Best switch games

Genre: Third-person shooter
Price: $59.99/£49.99

What is it? A sequel that brings more multiplayer ink-splatting madness than the Wii U exclusive original and more Splatfests too.

In this game, you have to team up with your squad which is half human and half squid. You have to paint the town. There’s also a robust single-player Hero Mode and a new Horde-Esque mode known as Salmon Rush that is dangerously addictive and devilishly difficult on the highest levels.

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3-Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

switch games
switch games

Genre: Strategy
Price: $59.99/£49.99

What is it? If you mix Super Mario with XCOM you basically get Mario + Rabbids,  a strange strategy hybrid with tons of charm.

It’s one of the best strategy game along with the best switch games. It helps you to brainstorm your mind so that you can complete the task quite easily. This games mix with Super Mario universe and wraps it up in a level of detail and graphical quality that you can regularly mistake it for a Nintendo-made title. It’s an absolute joy.

4-Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee

Best switch games

In this game, you will see the core of pokemon go game. It has mixed all the basic features of Pokemon go in Pokemon let’s go.

Genre: RPG
$59.99 / £49.99 without Poke Ball Plus, $99.99 / £84.99 with Poke Ball Plus

What is it? The first-ever Pokemon RPG on a home console, blending classic series’ elements with mechanics from Pokemon Go. Never before has a Pokemon game felt quite so alive or immersive. You throw Poke Balls in the real world to catch Pokemon, using your Joy-Con or the brilliant Poke Ball Plus controller to mime the actual throw, and building a bond with your buddy Pokemon is a core part of the gameplay. Like the same way, it was in pokemon yellow.

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5- Tetris 99

switch games

Well, who don’t know this switch game. In this game, you play to collect or align the same color in the same row or column. By doing so you live another second because the larger the column will be the greater will the chance that you will lose the game.

It’s an insane take on battle royale where you play Tetris simultaneously along with 98 other people, but every two or more lines you clear you to send as junk to other players, either at random, to the people closest to a KO, to your attackers or to those doing the best so far.

These were all the best switch games which you will ever come across. I hope you enjoy this article and play all the game which we discussed as they are worth playing.