8 Best Stardew Valley Farm Layout

stardew valley farm layout

In tough times when life is pretty stressful, you often feel like quitting everything and buying a farm. That’s when the game that was released three years ago called Stardew Valley can come to your rescue. Its tool stardew planner lets you draw artfully composed, perfectly manicured videogame farms that make you feel at peace for some time. Thus intending to further de-stress and help you, we have listed the best picks of stardew valley farm layout.



In this layout, the player divides the crops into neat, symmetrical sections that make it easier for them to separate the different types. The availability of a tillable land enables the planner to put iridium sprinklers that is an efficient way of making use of the space. While focusing on crops, one can also house livestock by putting barns and coops at the top. The sheds that are located at the downside of the map can be used for housing kegs or preserving jars that also acts like a brewery. The stable in the entrance allows the user quick access to the town with the trusty steed.

stardew valley farm layout
stardew valley farm layout

The heart-shaped flower patch located on the right-hand side of this farm is eye-catching. The organized square spaces in this stardew valley farm layout are efficient with the rectangular plots for crops. The little flower patch situated at the bottom has a bee house that lets you make flavored honey throughout the year except for winter. The placement of sheds on either side of the greenhouse makes for quick trips for year-round crops to kegs or indoor jars that make artisanal production easy and swift.

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This stardew valley farm layout along with having a fruit tree section in the bottom has plenty of trees to make the most of each season’s harvestable fruit. The player can create a warm, inviting feel due to the presence of a large enclosure of coop and barn. The square plots of land covered with grass located on the right- hand side helps to keep things organized and simple.

stardew valley farm layout


The crystal maze stardew valley farm layout has a shed to the hilltop on the south-west that leaves space for rocks as well as nodes to spawn for mining. The covering of the stone floor with the crystal adds a mythical atmosphere. The presence of sprinklers helps in well working of the vineyard area as well as the growth of crops. The placement of scarecrows makes a compact crop area in the middle of the map. This farm at the top of the map has a line of fruit trees and standard trees along the paths to collect sap.

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This design is a great solution as the Riverland map creates more space. In this layout, there is optimum utilization of available resources. This is because space is diversified into fruit islands and a mixture of crops and buildings. There is a short trip to the shipping box due to the placement of the main area of crops near the house. The player can easily collect honey due to the tight rows of bee houses. This map also has space for a slime hutch with which one can breed and harvest slimeballs.

stardew valley farm layout


Green pastures farm layout is much greener that makes it attractive. The collectible scarecrows are lined in the middle and provide only the necessary space for growing actual crops. The placement of the barn and the coop at separate places help to organize the farm easily. This layout allows provides space for placing cheese and mayonnaise machines inside the shed so that they are compact and do not occupy much space. The presence of abundance space helps in portraying the glorious nature wonderfully.

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This stardew valley farm layout helps the player to earn the profit. The lines of beautifully organized fruit trees produce plenty of fruits that can be used as masses of kegs. The masses of kegs after fermentation produces wines and juices that helps in making more money than original crops. The three types of patterns make the farm look pleasant to the eyes and keeps extra material like furnaces and bait bins out of the way.



The presence of eight barns on the left-hand side in the same area with abundant space to roam and grass to eat makes this layout look like a little barnyard neighborhood. This keeps the cows, goats, pigs as well as sheep of the valley happy. The placement of fences gives surety of everything being in place and gives the farm a homey feel.


Thus each farm layout in Stardew valley is unique and offers the players different benefits that favor specific skills.