Spotify Web player: A full featured website to stream online music

Spotify Web player
Spotify Web player

Spotify is one of the latest sensations in the music world. It comes with the whole bunch of music which you can stream online as well as listen to it offline if you are on the premium.In this blog, we will be talking about how to use the Spotify web player, a full-featured website where you can stream online songs. We will be also discussing various features of Spotify.

Spotify Web player
Spotify Web player: A full featured website to stream online music

If you don’t know about Spotify then let me tell you that Spotify is a Sweden-based music streaming platform which was originally launched in October 2008. Spotify has been the top music service provider globally when it comes to the subscriber base. In fact, As of February 2019, it had 207 million total monthly active users, including 96 million paying subscribers.

Whether its worth to go for Premium version?

Spotify has got various plans, so it totally depends on your choice and preference when it comes to going for the premium version. One good thing about if you are not on the premium is that you can still have access to online streaming. If you want to stream music and enjoy Spotify at its best then you should go for the premium plan.

Spotify Web player

You will get the first month free as a trial version. After that, you have to pay per month. If you are a kind of guy who loves listening to music then you should definitely go for the premium version.

Spotify has also launched its application which you can install. It’s available for both Android as well as iOS.

Go on to the official website and explore to know more about what Spotify is all about.

Talking more about web player it’s a Flash-based interface, however, and therefore won’t work on all browsers – you can’t use it on Safari, for example. So this is one of the weakest links of Spotify web player.

Pros of Spotify Web player

There are plenty of Pros for the Spotify web player. First being the portability one.

With the Spotify Web Player, it doesn’t matter where you are.  You can be at home, at work, at a family member or somewhere else… wherever.  Or, for that matter, using another person’s phone or system.   You can log right into the web browser with your username and password, and start listening right away.

Hotkey feature

You don’t have this feature on mobile application but you can’t have hotkeys on the web player.

Download Spotify Hotkeys add-on on Firefox.

That’s all about Spotify web player. So if you are a music lover then what are you waiting for go ahead and enjoy Spotify web player, a full featured website to stream online music.