South Park Phone Destroyer Tips

South Park Phone Destroyer Tips
South Park Phone Destroyer Tips

Published by Ubisoft, South Park Phone Destroyer is a strategy game that was released in November’2017. The people who play this game have to play cards cleverly on a battlefield to overwhelm the opponents. Their goal is to destroy the enemy summoner or stage boss while they are simultaneously defending their own summoner. In the middle, this game gets challenging due to its difficulties and requires the players to use tips and tricks to stand a chance in PvP.

Thus to help the players sail through South Park Phone Destroyer easily, we have compiled few tips that will help you to get an edge over your opponent.

Tips For South Park Phone Destroyer

Upgrade the Right Cards

Beginners often upgrade the first card they see. There are certainly other strategies that they must use in this game. They should wait until they have got some good cards before they start upgrading for their benefit. In case they want to have a strong deck early on in the game, they can upgrade early to strengthen their team. While upgrading cards in South Park Phone Destroyer, the players have to take those cards that they enjoy playing the most as well as focus on their upgrades.

Complete That Upgrade Recipe As Soon As Possible

The player should have specific materials in place that he wins by taking part in card battles to upgrade a card. If in case they aren’t winning enough against the human competition, then they can use PvP tickets and spend them to get more materials. Stocking up tickets helps them to buy more expensive cards as well as materials once they develop their deck to the point where it is considered solid.

South Park Phone Destroyer Tips
South Park Phone Destroyer Tips

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Redeem The Free Stuff

The players can get tons of free stuff in the game that includes new cards as well as other kinds of stuff. These freebies become available for hours. Thus they should turn on their notifications at all times so that they do not miss a chance to collect their free items. Taking part in other special events allows them to win more or items or free stuff.

Keep Deck Costs As Low As Possible

When creating their deck, the players should keep the costs as low as possible but not too low that they find themselves at a disadvantage against their opponents. There should be a right balance between affordable costs as well as the premium ones. A balance should also exist in the sense that they have a card to play in any situation that comes up.

Premium Card Should Be Saved For Card Pack Purchases

Grinding for premium currency in South Park Phone Destroyer is a long arduous process of playing and replaying until the players have enough currency for buying card packs. Thus one of the south park phone destroyer tips is to not use them for locking extra lockers as they have videos for that.

Do Not Throw PvP Games

Any game that either has a tiered system for PvP battles or an arena with different leagues makes the opponents tougher as the players move from strength to strength. This makes them want to either exit the game or rage quit by closing the window. But they should not do this as this is not a safe but a common way to work around things that drastically improve their chances of victory.

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Let Your Opponent Make The First Move

Letting your opponent go first lets the players buy time for themselves to play some cards that counter them as well as defeat them. This tip increases the chances of the opponent’s card taking damage by getting too far within the player’s half.

Don’t Forget To Upgrade Your Cards

Upgraded cards always perform better than those that aren’t. Thus the players should always spend regular coins on upgrades. The cards that they opt for should be the ones they either prefer the most or use the most while batting other human players.

Take Things Patiently. Probably One Deck At A Time

Beginner players should not try to boil the virtual ocean by trying to work on two decks. They should not overreact with any sophisticated card playing strategies. If in case the need to hone their skills where the stakes are low, they should use a single player to learn to come up with new counters as well as the way to string combos together.

Have a knowledge About Your Cards As Well As About Their Abilities

The players should have a fair idea of what each card can do in their deck and about their weakness too. They should not only have this knowledge about the cards that they possess but also of the cards that their opponent brings.

The Final Thought

Thus following these South Park Destroyer Tips gives the player the confidence they require to put the enemy at bay.