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8 Sites Like Twitch You Should Play

Sites like twitch
Sites like twitch

Everybody in the gaming world knows about what Twitch is all about. In case you don’t know what Twitch is all about then let me tell you that Twitch is a social media platform where gamers showcase their online gameplay. In this blog, we will be talking about sites like Twitch which will give you a better twitch alternative.

Streaming Sites Like Twitch

I am talking about an alternative because there are the whole bunch of players who are available on twitch hence their platform becomes quite slow. There is the whole bunch of streaming sites like twitch which you should see. Twitch is a great platform to interact with pro play. You can see their gameplay as they are pro. You can also interact with them through this website.

In this website, you can make new friends and play the game together. There are many twitch alternative which you might be knowing so let’s discuss one by one. You will not believe but this website gets 10 million daily visits on their page which the other sites like Twitch won’t be getting.

1. YouTube Gaming -Twitch Alternative

Well, who doesn’t know about Youtube but I can bet that you might be not knowing about Youtube gameplay. Yes, you heard it right Youtube also provide gameplay with some nice user interface.

Sites like twitch
Sites like twitch

Many of the top YouTube gamer channels feature much more than just game streaming. They provide commentary on the gaming industry and comedic or unique views on current pop culture. With that in mind, it is easy to understand why gaming content is the most consumed content on YouTube.

2. InstaGib tv – Streaming Site Like Twitch

InstaGib is yet another beautiful site for gameplay. It’s basically a website so you don’t need to install any software for it. It’s free of cost and hence you can also upgrade your account to VIP one to get the benefit of some additional feature.

It’s a good place for streamers who are trying to establish themselves and it is still growing in popularity among gamers and those wanting to learn.

3. SmashCast tv

It’s the third website which we are going to talk. It is considered as one of the best Twitch alternatives because of the fact it is very reliable when it comes to revenue. It has some prerequisite like you need to have a verified PayPal account as well as you are supposed to have age above 18.

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SmashCast has a good set of tools and guidelines that help new users become successful with their streams. There are multiple streaming apps to compare, as well as multiple chatbots and donation trackers available to help gamers begin earning revenue.

4. Mixer

It is a diverse community of like-minded individuals. In fact, they have developed a platform where it is possible to co-stream with up to four others which makes gaming similar to that of the Xbox Live or PlayStation Live platforms.

5. Vimeo

First and foremost let me tell you that Vimeo is not considered as one of the best alternatives for twitch. It’s due to the fact that it has not been built only for gameplay. But it has a similar interface like Vimeo and hence it is considered for gameplay. However, it has not a similar interface like youtube gameplay.

6. DailyMotion

DailyMotion is just similar like Vimeo. In this site, you will find the whole bunch of video related to gaming stuff. However, the video could be on demand as well as it can be present from before. So you have to look at whether the video is there from before or it has been published on demand.


Becoming a partner allows you to monetize your video content and start earning revenue through their own advertising partnerships. Gamers consider this to be a great alternative to other services because it allows them to broadcast their streams on multiple platforms and allows them to expand their reach.

7-  SteamPowered 

Stream powered is very new to the gameplay. But it is believed that it will take the gameplay by storm soon as it has some overwhelming feature. User created content can’t be uploaded

8-  Origin

It is also valuable for assessing new games, but as with the previous entry, there is no way to upload user-created content. These were the best sites like Twitch. No other sites have better twitch alternative than the aforementioned sites.