Sign of the shadow Shrine Quest Walkthrough (Sasa Kai shrine)

sign of shadow
sign of shadow

Released for Wii U as well as Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that lets the player walkthrough to all dungeons. They can interact with all the Interactive Maps of all the necessary locations, such as Shrines, collectibles such as Memories as well as Korok Seed locations along with many other helpful sections. However, most of the shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are however hidden from the plain sight and the player is required to seek them out if they want to conquer them. Out of the 42 Shrines Quests, Sasa Kai Shrine is one that the player reaches to by solving the Sign Of The Shadow.

Hidden in the Sasa Kai Shrine in the Gerudo Highlands region, unlocking the Sign of the Shadow quest is a puzzle in which the players are required to shoot at the sun during a certain time of the day. The player walks out success if they get it right. Thus to enable the players to successfully complete this shrine, the article below shows how to find the shrine quest, Kas, solve his song-based riddle as well as reveal Sasa Kai Shrine to overcome the modest test of strength.

sign of shadow
sign of shadow

Everything You Need To Know About Sign Of The Shadow Quest

Signs of The Shadow: How to Begin The Quest

The players are required to speak to Kass at the top of the Gerudo Tower in the north of Gerudo Town to begin this shrine quest. After meeting Kass they are required to listen to the song sung by Kass which is, “ As light shines from the northwest skies, From the tower’s shadow an arrow flies.” Kass gives the player an idea about the shadow of the tower that comes from the northwest.

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After listening to the song, they have to look to the south of the tower to pierce heaven’s light for revealing the prize. The players have to glide down to the sheikha platform with the paraglider. Once they are on top of the platform, they have to draw their bow and fire an arrow at the sun at about 3:00 PM. The right time to shoot would be when the platform makes a sound and the sun becomes less bright. Even the platform turns red when the moon is over the tower directly. After doing this the Sasa Kai Shrine would appear.

Sasa Kai Shrine (A Modest Test Of Strength)

Sasa Kair Shrine is a combat trial instead of a typical puzzle shrine. This is another fight with a guardian where the players are at liberty to take it down as they like. In this the players are treated to a battle with Guardian Scout III- that is one of the many Test of Strenght challenges in Zelda: The Breath of the Wild. The players are required to defeat Guardian Scout III who is armed with a sword and a spear that has 1,500 health. Dodge attacks and rush when you can.

sign of shadow
sign of shadow

The tiny guardian, however, hunkers down and spins a laser around. Backing off as well as using the updraft lets the players glide over the guardian to strike them down. The guardian tries a last-ditch effort and charges up a laser attack on reaching the end of its health. If the creature’s health is low enough, the players should rush as well as kill it before it fires off the laser. If the health is too high, they are required to run as well as dodge multiple shots. The players have to grab the chest containing a Frostblade after defeating the guardian. They are then required to speak to Monk Sasa Kai for a spirit orb.

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Unlocking the Sasa Kai Shrine to complete the quest is only the first half of what the player accomplishes here. When the shrine rises from the ground, the players can still go in it for completing a medium difficulty test of strength.

Tips To Be Followed For Completing The Sasa Kai Shrine

Following these tips help the players to defeat the guardian easily:

The spinning attacks of two-handed weapons work really well

Pressing B to sheathe as well as holding ZL to bring out the shield helps to block the guardian’s attack if the player is holding a two-headed weapon.

sign of shadow
sign of shadow

Conclusion: The Final Reward

Thus after defeating the Guardian Scout, the players are rewarded with some typical Guardian Scout that resembles ancient weapons, gears as well as a Frostblade from the chest. Sign of the Shadow quest that leads the player to the Sasa Kai Quest in itself is a Modest Test of Strenght Shrine which is a bit more hidden than most. Thus having a likeliness that the players might have completed this type before.