Relaxing game to play During Quarantine

    PowerWash Simulator

    Its the quarantine time which is going across the world. WHO has declared COVID-19 as the pandemic. You might need some relaxing games which you can play during this unprecedented time. I am sure the game which we are going to discuss in this blog will make your mind relax a bit.

    In this blog, we will be talking about the PowerWash simulator game which is all about cleaning a dirty house with 3 water pipes that you can use in the game.

    The gameplay of powerhouse Simulator

    After divorcing her good-for-nothing husband, Suzie now needs your help to make her house look as fresh as she feels for a new start. So now you have to take on the role of the perfect house cleaner and clean every nooks and corner of Suzie’s house in this relaxing yet frustrating-at-the-end game, the PowerWash Simulator.

    FutureLab’s new washing simulator game, PowerWash Simulator is a first-person washer game that will hand you three water hose to clean the entire exterior of a very dirty house and make it look as fresh as a person after a good night’s sleep.

    Controls of the game

    The controls of the game are quite basic. You have your standard WASD for movements, “Shift” to crouch (for cleaning those tough bottom corners), and “Space” to Jump. Now, to shoot the water out of a hose, you need to click and hold the left mouse button and you can scroll to change the type of water hose.

    There are three different colored water hose that the game lets you handle — Yellow, Red, and Orange. Each of these comes with a different nozzle. The yellow one has a broad nozzle that covers a large area at one time while the red one has a narrow nozzle that shoots a line of water and is efficient in cleaning tight corners of the house. The orange one, on the other hand, has a nozzle that falls in between the above two and has a flat nozzle that comes in handy while cleaning the windows and doors.

    This game is so relaxing for the eyes as you clean your eyes and see the dirt and grease going away making your house nice and tidy.

    Download the game now

    Now, PowerWash Simulator was to launch later this year on Steam into Early Access. However, FutureLab “thought folks could do with a relaxing stress reliever right now!” amidst the ongoing pandemic. So, they released an early demo of the game on that lets you handle the first project, i.e., cleaning Suzie’s house.

    I hope you like this game os go and download it and let us know that now much water you used to clean you house. It’s one of the best game to play during the quarantine.