PUBG Mobile: How to push Conqueror in Season 13 in 10 days


    If you are a PUBG fan then you very well know that today season 13 arrived. New-season brings very new things into the picture. Your tier ranking and statistics must have been refreshed. You must be thinking that how I fell down into the tier. For example, if you have been on Ace you must have slipped down to platinum 2 and so on.

    In this blog, we will be talking about how you can push conqueror in season 13. Let’s start with the basics. There are many tiers that are there in PUBG. Least being Bronze and highest being the conqueror. You will need to play in an incredible amount of matches with good survival and kill ratings in order to achieve Conqueror.

    Reach Conqueror In Season 13

    How to Push Conqueror

    1-When To Push Rank

    Many people just get confused about when exactly to push the ranking. Whether at the start or in the last. So let me tell you you should start trying from the start only. As it gets tough in the last as a maximum number of a player start playing safe.


    When you are pushing your rank it’s necessary that you have plenty of consumables in your backpack. It will help you to long last. When there are about 20-30 players alive till the last zone, it becomes challenging to survive if you don’t have a hardcover.

    3-Encountering Hackers

    When you reach crown tier or Ace you might encounter various hackers. In that case, you should start playing a map like Miramar instead of erangel. As hacking Miramar map is quite difficult as it is quite big.

    4-Zone Prediction

    As you know in PUBG cone keeps on shrinking. You need to analyze the zone where the next zone is going to be created. By analyzing you will make sure that you don’t die outside the play zone due to the blue zone.

    6-Importance Of Kills

    It’s very important to gain a high amount of kill in order to achieve more rating points. You should try to play it safe but at the same time try to kill most people. As kill rating is always prioritized ver survival rating.

    So these were the tips and tricks on how to push conqueror in season 13. I hope you take care of the aforementioned points while playing PUBG. It will definitely help you to achieve the conqueror ASAP.

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