How to Fix PS4 Safe Mode Startup Issues


The eighth-generation home video game console from Sony, Play Station 4 aka as PS4 has got a massive response in the gaming community. With over 100 million units being sold worldwide as of the second quarter of 2019, it’s a perfect competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch.

This video game console is powered by Semi-custom 8-core AMD x86-64 Jaguar 1.6 GHz CPU, backed with an 8 GB GDDR5 RAM. Aside from this, PS4 comes along custom AMD 800MHz graphics and has 500GB, 1TB & 2TB storage variants. While there’s nothing to complain about, however, a new problem is making some noise. Many users are facing PS4 Safe mod loop issues, basically each time their PS4 is starting up in safe mode.

Basically, safe mode enables with minimum required functionality with a menu that has 7 available options. On having this issue, your PlayStation 4 won’t turn on in normal mode, it keeps booting into safe mode again and again. If you’re someone stuck into this facing PS4 safe mode boot loop, this article will resolve your concern.

Fix PS4 Safe Mode Startup Problem

Restart PS4

There could be several reasons that would make your PlayStation 4 launch into safe mode. This method is quite straightforward and might resolve your issues, if not then follow up the remaining article to fetch other solutions. While stuck into the safe mode, you should see 8 options on your screen. Now choose the first option “Restart PS4”. Make sure that your controller is plugged into PlayStation’s USB port.

ps4 safe mode
ps4 safe mode

In a couple of seconds, PS4 will reboot. For most users, this would work seamlessly. After reboot, if again it gets turned on into the safe mode check out the next steps.

Unplug PS4

That simple old school trick, “turning off the device and again turning it on” still works. Why not give it a try? Simply shut down your PS4 pressing the power button or from the menu. Unplug the power cord from your console and the outlet. Keep it unplugged for like a minute or two.

Plug the cables back and turn on your PlayStation 4. Check if it’s working properly in the normal mode, or again booted into the safe mode again. Otherwise, scroll down to the next step.

Change Resolution

Changing the currently applied resolution could save you from the trouble. Set it to the default 480px and restart it hoping for the best.

Roll Back of Default Settings

You’ve to reset your PS4, It’ll roll back to factory settings from current settings. Later that, you’ll need to set the time zone and customize the settings like before as per your recommendation.

Software Update

Navigate through the menu, and update PS4’s firmware to the latest version by downloading from the Sony servers. Alternatively, you may download the PUP file and use a USB for the firmware up-gradation progress. Upon successful installation of the firmware update, your console should boot normally.

Rebuild or Initialize PS4

Turn of your PS4, hold down the power button until you hear a beep sound. Now, connect the DualShock 4 controller to your PS4 USB port. Turn on your console pressing the PS button, scroll down and select Rebuild Database, or Initialize PS4 option from the screen. On selecting, rebuild the database option, it will scan the drive, frees up memory in order to fix any existing issues. Whereas, Initializing PS4 would clear all stored user data and console settings. Any option would fix PS4 safe mode issues unless it’s technically something way more complicated.

Check HDMI cables

Often we miss out on some of the very basic stuff, one of them is checking HDMI cables. If HDMI cables are not plugged properly, you will be getting PS4 safe mode again and again even after following all these previous steps. Unplug it, and plug the HDMI cable again properly. Or if your HDMI cord is much old, then replace it with a new one. Also, don’t forget to check the HDMI input on your display by plugging your PS4 into another television.

Clean Dust

Dust is an old enemy for almost all electronic items. You could be getting that weird safe mode startup problem because of dust and grime buildup on it. Once you’re done, turn it on, it might work normally without giving you any more trouble.

PS4 Safe Mode Loop with Error Code E-8200002E

Meanwhile, if you’re getting tuck in the Safe Mode loop on PS4 and can’t update settings, initialize, etc due to error code E-8200002E. Then it means you don’t have sufficient funds in the associated card with your account. To get rid of this, delete the associated card from your account from their official website and restart the device. That’s all, it will surely get fixed and you would be able to boot your PS4 into default mode.

Unless and until, you’re too unlucky, any of these above-mentioned steps will fix PS4 safe mode loop issues. Still, if you’re unable to get a solution, take it to an authorized service centre for a repair. Clean the vents and make sure there’s no dust or grime buildup, also clean your PS4 with a soft fabric to ensure everything wiped out properly.