PS4 controller that You Can Buy in 2019 – Top 7

ps4 controller

The PlayStation 4 an eight-generation advanced and popular gaming consoles produced by Sony released on November 15, 2013. PS4 competes with other popular home video game consoles such as Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and Switch. here’s a list of some best available ps4 controller in the market you should opt for, if you’re a professional hardcore gamer.

The console supports modern features like Blu-ray Player, With Motion Control with its HDR 10 dynamic range multimedia playback capabilities. Overall, it’s heaven for gamers with over 180 exclusive games in development currently. Here in this article, we’re going to list some best PS4 controllers available in the market to tweak your experience.

The default controller which is shipped out of the box is quite good for average usage. But obviously, controllers depend upon usage and preference varies user to user.

7 Best PS4 Controllers for Gamers

ASTRO Gaming C40 TR

In our list, ASTRO Gaming C40 TR is on the top and is one of the best PS4 controllers currently available. It’s a fully customizable, high-quality controller designed and build for pro professional gamers out there. This one ship with a premium compact design which is adaptable for every type of gamers. The Optimum rear button layout makes the controller precision during seamlessly during Critical moments on close combats.

On the other hand, this C40 TR Controller comes with a replaceable analog stick and D-Pad which is swappable as well. The rear buttons can be re-mapped based on preferences or requirements for speed and accuracy. You can set this controller in offset or parallel configurations the way you want. This controller is there to outlast your gaming experience with 12+ hours of enormous battery life. One of the cool features is, Astro Gaming C40 TR PS4 controller has inbuilt free software that allows sharing custom controller profiles. It’s available on Amazon India for just ₹ 29,999.00 while writing this article. However, during sales, it gets listed below ₹13,000 or less.

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Razer Raiju Ultimate

In our list, the next one is Razer Raiju Ultimate. Razer Raiju Ultimate is another lightweight wireless PS4 controller with support of advanced customization and features. Its compact design fits perfectly in your palm making your gaming movements more precise. With interchangeable thumbsticks, you can choose between a tilting or individual D-Pad button layout. The quick control panel allows you instant access to important functions and enables functions on the fly.

It comes with 3 connectivity modes – PS4, USB, and PC along with both Bluetooth wired mode for extra assurance. Also, a Hair-Trigger Mode is there for quick-firing action in games. Using the mobile app, users can adjust sensitivity, remap multi-function buttons and triggers. You can get one from Argos for just 24,980.00 from Amazon India.

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Sony DualShock 4

Sony PS4 Dualshock Controller is one of the most affordable and popular PS4 controllers that you can get. It has a light bar that glows with various colors depending on in-game action. Now, this is integrated on the touchpad too. Its built-in accelerometer and gyroscope are sensitive enough to precisely detect the motion, tilt, and rotation of your PS4 controller seamlessly.

The analog sticks and trigger buttons bring intuitive, precision controls for unparalleled accuracy with every move. Dolby like sound effects of DualShock 4 wireless controller brings you realistic gaming experience. Enjoy a never like gaming before gaming experience for just 4,899.00.

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Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller for PS4

ps4 controller
ps4 controller

Nacon Asymmetric Wireless PS4 controller is the next on the list. It sports an asymmetrical design layout for the sticks as an alternative way to play on playstation 4 on the go. This one ships with a USB receiver which is capable to allow transmission from up to 7 meters distance from the console. Also, the USB receiver enables audio and chat functionalities through the headset jack present in the controller.

The asymmetric Wireless Controller integrates a battery level indicator button which is fixed at the backside. Gamers can check battery level using it without any interruptions in the gameplay. In addition, it has a fully functional touchpad. Alongside this, this controller can also be connected with a PC. With up to 7 hours of playtime, Nacon Asymmetric is a great wireless PS4 controller available for just 4,499.00.

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Nacon Revolution Pro Controller – Version 2

ps4 controller
ps4 controller

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller – Version 2is the updated and redesigned version to its predecessor. This beast comes with dual customizable sticks with 46 degrees amplitude suitable for every genre. There’s 3 meters detachable Type-C USB cable to wired mode. Version 2 sports 8-way directional pad, dual analog triggers, dual shoulder buttons which is great for games in the fighting genre.

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4X shortcut button allows users to manually make adjustments on the go flexibly. LED status indicator present on the body indicates battery level on the fly. With all of these great features, Nacon Revolution Pro PS4 Controller v2 costs just 7,599.00 on Amazon.

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ps4 controller
ps4 controller

Scuf Infinity 4PS PRO is the next affordable PS4 controller in this list with paddle controls. Paddle controls allow gamers to keep their thumbs on the thumbsticks while using back paddles. It’s great to perform precise and advanced in-game movements. Users can activate various activation points on the trigger stop with the quick-shift trigger feature. This is great especially for shooter genre games as it doesn’t produce unnecessary movements.

Adjustable hair triggers present on this PS4 controller tunes the triggers to one tap fire in weapons. It also eliminates the latency seamlessly. Fully removable trigger covers and extenders enhance your accuracy and bring more comforts. You can grab one just for $139.95 or around 9,943.45 from the official store.

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Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

ps4 controller
ps4 controller

The last PS4 controller in our list is Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Wired Gaming Controller. This beast is just another great Official Sony PlayStation 4 controller featuring 4 multifunction buttons. There are two bumpers at its shoulder side and two removable triggers beneath it. The convenient design and lightweight make this one a preferred choice for e-Sports athletes and professional gamers.

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The inbuild quick control panel does the job with easy profile and audio customization modes. Users can toggle between profiles and access a range of functions and utilities present in it. Triggers are adjustable from 18 degrees to merely 5 degrees, developed to reduce the travel distance of each trigger. With programmable buttons, Ergonomics design and Quick controls, this PS4 controller is up for just 10,971.00 on the Amazon India website.

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This was our list containing some of the best available ps4 controllers in the market. You can go with any of these based on your requirements and budget to brush up your gaming profile. Last but not least to mention, the price of some of these controllers is deliberately high on amazon india. Don’t forget to have a look at AliExpress, Banggood to get them at cheaper rates.