Ranking Every Single Pokemon Games in Order

pokemon games in order

Irrespective of your age and the part of the world you live in, the possibilities that you have never heard of pokemon are bleak. You might have also seen kids and even adults playing pokemon video games that would’ve kept you wondering about them. And that is why we have listed down the pokemon games in order.



  • POKEMON RED AND GREEN, 1996: Pokemon’s legacy can be traced back to 1996 when its first game called Pokemon Red and Green was released. This was the very first installment of the pokemon games in order. The player had an option to choose from Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander who were the three starter pokemon. He had to become the league champion by completing the Pokedex. All those who were successful in capturing all the Pokemons got an actual diploma.
pokemon games in order
pokemon games in order
  • POKEMON RED AND BLUE, 1998: Nintendo released the revamped version of Pokemon red and green in the form of role-playing games. In this, the player had an option to choose from eight Pokemon Gyms with a different type of affiliations. He had to fo this for battling against the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion.
  • POKEMON YELLOW, 1999: This special Pikachu edition is the improved version of the Pokemon Red and Blue Series. In this, the players got an opportunity to explore the Kanto region with a Pikachu to capture the three starter pokemon throughout the game. It also had a mini-game called Surfing Pikachu.


  • POKEMON GOLD AND SILVER, 2000: Pokemon Gold and Silver is the first installment in the second generation series of Pokemon. It marks the first appearance of Dark and Steel Type Pokemon The designers in this game introduced new characters and added a hundred new Pokemon. The champions in this game possessed Dragon-type Pokemon and could breed pokemon too. The players got an opportunity to travel to the Kanto region to capture the original eight gyms. They could also explore the new Johto region.
  • POKEMON CRYSTAL, 2001: This game empowered the players to choose the gender’s character. The developers in this added the upgrades in the story mechanics. The sprites in this version came with their respective subtle animations.


  1. POKEMON RUBY AND SAPPHIRE, 2002: This game marks the first installment of the third generation as well as a new generation of Nintendo. The developers in this introduced one hundred thirty-five new species in a more detailed environment. It included new elite four and the championship made use of a steel type pokemon.
  2. POKEMON EMERALD, 2005: This game arrived two years after Ruby and Sapphire. It introduced a post-game area as a battle frontier. Here the players could battle with other powerful trainers in exchange for a currency that was used to purchase the special game in rewards known as Battle Points. In this game, the main aim was to beat two criminal organizations. Along with some minor changes, this version introduced the features of a new phone and new types of battles.

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  • POKEMON DIAMOND AND PEARL, 2007: This game marks the first installment of the fourth generation. The time gap between the release of the two generations was because the developers in this game added one hundred seven new pokemon. Arceus who is known for creating the universe in Pokemon lore was one of the new additions to this game. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl included the feature of Internet Play that enabled the players to play using a Wi-Fi connection. It had five periods from morning until night.
  • POKEMON PLATINUM, 2009: Pokemon Platinum was an enhanced version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The players had to return to the Sinnoh region to encounter in an alternate dimension where Giratina could be found. Developers in this game added new forms to the existing legendaries as well as the return of battle frontier from Emerald. In this, the players could play a number of mini-games through the Wi-Fi Plaza. Players could also anonymously trade Pokemon via Wi-Fi because of the GTS system.


  • POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE, 2011: This game marked the first installment of the fifth generation of pokemon games in order. It gave its players an option to choose from one hundred fifty-six new pokemon. The Dream World was a special area that could be accessed through the Pokemon Global Link. It allowed the players to befriend pokemon with unique abilities. New battle styles such as Rotation, Seasonal Cycle, and Triple Battles were added. The developers also added the feature of speech balloons that appeared over the heads of the characters.
pokemon games in order
pokemon games in order
  • POKEMON BLACK 2 WHITE 2, 2012: The events in Pokemon Black 2 White 2 occurred in the western side of the Unova Region. Three hundred new Pokemon were available in the version. The players had to find new Pokemon and received special unlocks in the form of keys after task completion.

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  1. POKEMON X AND Y,2013: The players had to foil the plans of Team Flare while they were trying to challenge the champions of the Pokemon League. This was more dynamic and allowed for more dynamic action. The users could customize the appearance of their main character.


  1. POKEMON SUN AND MOON, 2016: Pokemon sun and moon was the first installment in the seventh generation of pokemon games in order. The developers made the pokemon interactive and added eighty-one new of them. This version also had an addition of a new move called Z Moves.
pokemon games in order
pokemon games in order


  1. POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD,2019: This latest version is the first installment of the eighth generation has more intensive and improved graphics. It includes cooperative raid encounters. This game consists of several new Pokemon. In this game, Gigantamax allows different growth of Pokemon and Dynamax allows Pokemons to take different forms.


Thus these are the pokemon games in order from 1996 till 2019 that are listed down to make you feel all warm inside about the series.