Monster Hunter World Mods List You Should Know

    Monster Hunter World
    Monster Hunter World

    Released as a part of the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter: World is an action role-playing game. It was released in January 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Capcom had developed and published by it.

    In this game, the players have to take the role of a Hunter. They are required to perform the tasks of hunting down. In addition to this, they also have to kill or trap the roaming monsters in the environmental spaces.

    They are rewarded through the loot, in case of success. This loot consists of the parts from the monster as well as with other elements used to craft armour and weapons. Players have to craft appropriate gear to hunt down difficult monsters that provide the parts to a powerful gear. They either hunt alone or in a group of up to four players with the help of the game’s online multiplayer.

    The latest instalment of Monster Hunter: World allows you to enjoy the ultimate hunting experience. The presence of monster hunter world mods, as well as interconnected systems, has provided Monster Hunter games with a fertile ground for mods ranging from custom quests to quality of life tune-ups. Some monster hunter world mods have improved the look as well as the performance of the game. Whereas some have added features that you are not aware of.

    List of Monster Hunter World Mods

    SmartHunter – Overlay

    Offering all kinds of details that help you while hunting, Smart Hunter Overlay mod adds a widget to your screen. You have the liberty to resize as well as drag and drop this widget as per your liking. This mod helps you to know as to how much HP a monster has as well as the amount of damage each person in your hunting party has caused.

    Monster Hunter World Mods
    Monster Hunter World Mods

    It also shows you cooldowns for your buffs and mantles. This monster hunter world mod breaks down the amount of destruction that has been caused to the monster’s head, wings, tail. You also get information on the damage that you need to do to get status effects such as mount, paralysis, stun and so on.

    Kaldaien’s Special K Performance Pack

    Kaldaien is the modder who was responsible for leading the charge of fixing Nier Automata. This special K mod pack reduces CPU usage as well as adds enhanced ReShad options. It fixes some fullscreen problems and lets you take HUD- fewer screenshots.

    All Items in Shop

    Monster Hunter is about the loop of killing monsters, acquiring parts for making better gear as well as using that better gear to fight more monsters. However, there are some of the items in this game that you need to craft yourself or augment it with proper abilities for a high-level hunt that has low drop rates. All Items in Shop monster hunter world mod crafts material as well as decoration in the in-game shop. You can buy whatever you want to as long as you have money. Use this monster hunter world mod as a last recourse when the RNG doesn’t swing your way.

    Clear Hunter Color and Texture Improvements

    This Clear HunterColor and Texture Improvements mod adds the much-needed color into the new world. They can range from Redder Rathaloses to Greener Rathians to Bluer Tzitzi-Ya-Kus. This mod also sharpens the textures that are across the board on armor.

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    This monster hunter world mod disables World’s motion blur and gives the vignetting effect that is caused by the heavy-handed depth of field. You can only use Blur Be Gone mod with Kaldaien’s Special K pack.

    More Noticeable Items (Souvenir’s Light Pillar Mod)

    Souvenir’s Light Pillar mod never lets you lose sight of what you are desperately hacking away for the last 30 minutes when you manage to break off the monster part.

    Armour Transmog

    With this monster hunter world mod, you can either change the appearance of the individual armour pieces or save custom loadouts. Armour Transmog mod lets you get your desired armour skill without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

    Manage All Your Mods (monster hunter world Mod Manager)

    Installing a mod manager avoids the conflict that can arise while using one mod with the other. Manage all your mods lets you organize as well as uninstall existing mods and lets you fight more with monsters.

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    The Final Thought

    Occupying the seventh best selling position of PS4 up to date, the presence of monster hunter world mods in Monster World Hunter has played an active part in contributing towards the improvement of this game.