mass effect andromeda remnant decryption

mass effect andromeda remnant decryption2
mass effect andromeda remnant decryption2

As the player explores many new planets in the galaxy, they come across mysterious structures as well as sudoku like puzzles that guard their access. These are mass effect andromeda remnant decryption puzzles that are regular occurrenc

es as the players explore the game’s vaults as well as Monoliths.

But they can cause confusion as they are Mass Effect Andromeda’s trickiest areas. Also, they are about making sure that there is no repetition of glyphs either in a row, column or shape. Thus the article below gives the solution to every Remnant Decryption puzzle in the game that helps the players to solve them in a jiffy.

Solutions Of Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Decryption Puzzles

How Remnant Decryption Puzzles work

To solve the game’s aliens interfaces such as Vaults, Monoliths as well as other terminals in side quests and other areas, the player has to solve Remnant Decryption puzzles. These often require them to essentially play a game of Sudoku where the players have numbers instead of alien symbols.

mass effect andromeda remnant decryption
mass effect andromeda remnant decryption1

For those who are unfamiliar with Sudoku, their aim should be to not duplicate any number across any row, columns as well as corner section of the grid. They have to find an empty spot to scan the rows, columns as well as surrounding sections and are required to insert unique symbols. The multiple empty spots either involve a process of elimination or working out the spots that require solving of others before being certain of their solution. In case of question marks instead of symbols, the players have to back out of the puzzle to scan the surrounding area for finding the glyph location.

Remnant Decryption Puzzles Solutions

As the player completes the Monoliths as well as Vaults, almost all the main planetary locations have Remnant Decryption puzzles of some sort. But there are also present during side quests as well as other activities.

Eos Remnant Puzzle

In the Better Beginning that is early on Ryder’s Journey, the player finds the first Remnant Decryption puzzle at the second Remnant monolith. The players have to use the scanner to follow yellow paths up two separate pillars if they are looking for the glyphs. They have to jump from one platform to another in the vault. From the first platform on the left, there is a path to the secret chest but the player is firstly required to make a pass by activating console on the right platform.

Voeld Remnant Puzzles

For solving on Voeld, there are several Remnant decryption puzzles. They are as follows:

mass effect andromeda remnant decryption
mass effect andromeda remnant decryption

Monolith Decryption 01

Located in the furthest north, the players have to collect three monoliths to unlock the Remnant Vault on Voeld.

Monolith Decryption 02

This southern monolith has to be activated during the side mission to restore the world.

Monolith Decryption 03

This westernmost monolith unlocks the Remnant vault on Voeld.

The vault located on Voeld has a side room that houses a terminal with this remnant decryption puzzle. The player can find a room on the far right side of the vault to gain a bonus of +2 skill points.

Subjugation Side Quest

After finishing the Subjugation sidequest, the player has to find themselves a remnant structure underground. They can unlock the container with various resources in the middle of the room with the help of two scannable glyphs after disabling the four kett devices.

Peebee: Secret project

The player can use the scanner to scan the area at the remnant site that is in the northeast of Techiix. They are only required to find one glyph and will have the piece of rem tech peebee needs after completing the decryption puzzle.

Havarl Remnant Puzzles

On Havarl, the players have to solve several puzzles. They are as follows:

Rescue the Scientists

To free some scientists from stasis, the players have to solve the Remnant Decryption puzzle during the side mission for helping Havaral’s scientists. The glyphs are required to access the puzzle to the left as well as the right of the console.

Havarl Vault: Bonus Terminal

The Havaral vault also offers a bonus of +2 skill points to the players who interface with the console across from the vault to complete the decryption puzzle.

Kadara Remnant Puzzles

The player finds these remnant glyph puzzles on Kadara. They are as follows:

Monolith Decryption Puzzle

This northeastern monolith puzzle unlocks the vault on Kadara. The player has to solve a decryption puzzle there.

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Vault Bonus Chest Decryption Puzzle

The player has to solve a decryption puzzle after he reaches the bonus skill terminal in the vault on Kadara.

The Final Thought

There is a probability that solving these mass effect andromeda remnant decryption puzzles might be lengthy and require 30 minutes. However, following the tips mentioned can help the players to solve these trickiest areas in a jiffy.