Mass Effects Andromeda Builds List: You Should CheckOut

Mass Effects Andromeda
Mass Effects Andromeda

Released in 2017, Mass Effect Andromeda has become a highly anticipated game. It takes you far beyond the Milky Way to the Andromeda Galaxy. In this game, you play to fight for a new home as a part of the Andromeda Initiative in hostile territory. As the leader of a squad of military-trained explorers that have deep progressions and customisation systems you join the initiative and then wake up in Andromeda after a 634-year-old journey. Portraying the story of humanity’s next chapter that determine your choices throughout for survival. This game has Mass Effects Andromeda Builds that help you to fulfil the responsibility of saving humanity that you have on your shoulders.

In this, the players can freely assign any skills that they want and opt for builds towards a speciality over the course of the game. These builds can be daunting at first and thus by this article, we have made an attempt to discuss them in detail.

List of Mass Effects Andromeda Builds

Close Quarters

Available in the profile of Vanguard, the close quarter build has the ability of Incinerate, Charge and Nova. This full of movement build lets you invest points in Pistols or Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Combat Fitness as well as Offensive Biotics. Firstly you can use incinerate from a distance to prime an enemy for combo explosion and can then detonate it with Charge that instantly teleports you into the fray. The Charge ability helps you to escape if you’re taking a beating. This lets you finish off your nearby enemies with melee weapons and shotgun. You can drop Nova and use your jetpack dash to zip out in case of trouble.


Available in the Soldier profile, commando build entirely relies upon combat skills and ensures that your weapons hit hard. The presence of Omni Grenade in this build is a fantastic way to deal with multiple enemies that are gathered together. Mass Effect Andromeda’s Commando Build has concussive shot that can temporarily take weaker targets out of the fight. With the help of Turbocharge, you can tear through weaker foes and deal with increased damage of anything that takes more than a few shots to the head. Since Commando build relies on its weaponry, you can use pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles to combat enemies.

Assault Tank

You can opt for Assault Tank build if you are in the profile of a soldier or sentinel. With the Turbocharge, Flamethrower and Energy Drain abilities, you can buff your health at shields at the same time. Your shields increase with every subsequent point that you spend on combat skills if you are aware of the first two tiers of Combat Fitness. You get two extra weapons if you get combat fitness to level 5.

Walking Tank

This survivability build focuses on skills that make you incredibly hard to kill in this profile of Sentinel. The use of Barricade can be used while you engage your targets in an environment that is devoid of immediate cover. Backlash permits you to repel incoming damage while on the move as it keeps you alive in dire situations. The presence of Energy Drain restores your shields on impact while keeping the enemy in pressure. Combat Fitness in this build helps you in defence and barrier biotics increases your shield and shield regeneration.


Available in the profile of an Infiltrator, this Mass Effects andromeda builds has the abilities of Tactical Cloak, Singularity as well as Assault Turret. It lets you invest points in Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Combat Fitness, Auxiliary Systems as well as Containment. The presence of singularity lets you create a mass effect field with the help of which your enemies can float and you can use it for creating easy targets for headshots. The N7 Valiant Sniper Rifle helps you to carry fun augmentations with it. This lets you keep a nice pistol handy when you want to go ammo hunting.

Tech Wizard

This offensive build that is available in the profile of Sentinel wrecks opponents with Tech powers and combo damage. The overload skill helps you to shred enemy shields and stun fewer foes. It acts as a combo detonator. Incinerate skill lets you hit unshielded targets before letting off overload and causes chunks of damage to armoured foes. The availability of cryo beam skill lets you detonate overload and stop enemies in their tracks due to its freezing capabilities. Offensive tech boosts skill damage, recharge speed as well as detonation damage and auxiliary systems further boost the effectiveness of overload, incinerate as well as cryo beam skills.

Space wizard

Available in Adept build, Space Wizard lets you invest in Barrier, Offensive Biotics, Containment, Rifles as well as Combat Fitness builds. You should invest heavily into biotics if you use space magic to toss enemies around the arena. Upgrade pull to string in and prime multiple enemies at once and you can use throw for detonating fling enemies into acid. Singularity lets you Primm and sweeps up the grunts of little. You can use and exchange the final Space Wizard ability for whatever you like. Assault rifles work at most ranges and are thus useful. These rifles come in handy with armoured enemies who are unaffected by the physics of biotic powers.

Hack Attacker

The Hack Attacker build available in Engineer profile manipulates the battlefields with Tech skills. The assault turret skill acts like you little buddy to deal with extra damage targets that you use to distract enemies. Working well in conjunction with Assault Turret, Energy Drain lets you restore your shields and stay in the fight while your foes are busy. Using invasion skill in this build weakens enemies that makes them easier to put down. Offensive tech decreases the recharge time for your key skills and auxiliary systems make your turret more effective.

The Final Thought

Therefore in the Mass Effects Andromeda Builds helps you to play this action role-playing video game developed by Bioware easily. The presence of various skills in each profile plays a crucial role in letting you succeed throughout this game.