12 Best Games like slither.io for Android and iOS (2019)

games like slither.io
games like slither.io

Well, who don’t know about Slither.io game in today’s world. Every age group plays this game with the same enthusiasm and that’s the beauty of this game. In today’s world hardly any game is played by all age group. The classic snake game is a very addicting game with some overwhelming themes and features. In this blog, we will be talking about games like slither.io.

We are going to talk about games like slither.io because playing the game again and again will make you bore and hence it’s good to know games like slither.io which you can play anytime with the same enthusiasm. The snake game got famous from Nokia old model phone and the rest is history. The game which we are going to talk about has some modification which you will like.

The classic snake game can be played on PC or Android smartphones quite easily. This game is known as slither.io. In this game, you can play with many online players and compete for who last longer. Let’s talk about some of the best slither.io games which you can play with the same enthusiasm.

12 Games like Slither.io Which you should play

1. Supersnake.io

Games like slither.io

This game is a combination of two famous games. In this particular game, you play as a snake, and the idea is to consume objects to grow, but that is not everything. As soon as you level up the harder the game becomes.

Genre: MMOGA (Massively multiplayer online game)

2- Agar.io

Developer: Matheus Valadares
Publisher:  Miniclip
Genre: MMOGA

In this game, you don’t play with snakes. You play with a ball and the idea is to consume smaller objects. The ball becomes larger and slow as the game progress. There are lots of strategies that you can use to climb the leaderboards without any additional problem. It is one of the best games like Slither.io online.

3- Pikano.io

Games like slither.io

Genre: MMOGA
Platform: Browser

In this game you are a geometric shape, let’s say triangle and the idea is again to consume smaller objects. But in this game, you will get some ammunition by the help of which you can beat the online player.

4-Ant Evolution

Games like slither.io
Games like slither.io

This game is very fun to play as you start with a small aunt and by the end as you grow larger you have to watch out for larger insect too as they can eat you.

Once you taste enough and defeat the boss, you can proceed to the next level.

Platform: Android

5- Osmos HD

Games like slither.io
Games like slither.io

Osmos HD is one of the best games like Slither where you can enjoy in everything like this game but different gameplay. There are both single and multiplayer games, which you can play. You are a cell that has to eat to grow bigger.

Platform: iOS, Android


The game name is quite unique and annoying at the same time. Sole idea is to eat anything to grow the snake bigger. As soon as the snake becomes larger the difficulty level will also increase.

There are the whole bunch of modes which you can play.

Platform- Browser

7-Meme: Eat Them All!

In this game again you have to eat smaller objects. You have to stay away from larger objects as this will increase the difficulty level.

The main difference is difficult, because when you consume something you will get only slightly bigger, so if you want to survive, you have to consume much more than in any other game from this list.

Platform: iOS


We all know about games like Slitherio. However, Mitos.is is maybe one of the best. You will get fantastic game modes that are very different, but you will still enjoy in most excellent entertainment.

You play as a cell with the one objective, and that is to survive, eat, grow in size and eliminate opponents by eating them. There are features such as speed up, eject mass and ability to duplicate cells. There are lots of upgrades that will customize and enhance your battery.

Platform: AndroidiOSBrowser

9-Lazerdrive.io – similar to slither.io

In this game, you play as a line. Unlike other game, you don’t have to consume anything. You should avoid crashes with the wall and that’s the only objective of this game. It looks easy but it’s very hard to play.


10-Splix.io – similar to slither.io

In this game, you have to capture free spaces.

You will enjoy its fast pace because it starts with a colored block and your objective is to capture more area and to close the free space.

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In the same time, the snake-like line will block you and try to capture free space. If your opponent touches your block, you lose. It may sound simple, but you must have excellent reflexes to handle everything.


11- Worm.is

In this game, you play as a worm instead of a snake. This game is very similar like slither.io with some additional feature.

There are lots of additional features such as a chat section where you can talk with other players, which makes the game much more interactive. You can also change skins and customize your worm as far as you like.


12- Tank.io

This game is neither about snake nor about worms. Plenty of game about snakes and worms. In this game, you will be playing as a tank. Your only objective will be to shoot the opponent and score bigger.

The objective is to shoot your opponents and to stand away from enemies. It is an excellent combat game where you can customize your tank so that it gets bigger and stronger.


Try these games like slither.io

These were all about 12 games like slither.io which you can play on android as well as io. There is also a certain game which you can play on the browser. So go ahead and explore every game. Let me tell you, you will enjoy each and every game. every game is having some overwhelming features which will make sure you don’t get bored quite easily. In addition, play every mode to enjoy at the fullest.