13 Best Games Like GTA You Should Play in 2019

games like GTA

GTA the all-time famous games comes with so many overwhelming features and levels. GTA needs no introduction at all. Every young kid or teen has played this game with full enthusiasm. This games became viral at one time when cheat codes came in the picture. Now we all are waiting for GTA 6. In this blog, we will be talking about games like GTA which will give you the same feeling as GTA.

As the wait is longer for GTA 6 we thought to introduce you with some games like GTA which has the same gameplay as GTA.

Best games like GTA

We are going to talk about 13 best games like GTA which you can start playing on your PC or steam right away.

1-Red Dead Redemption 2

games like GTA

This will work on a platform like PS4, Xbox One. If you are having any one of these then you are good to go. This game is made by the same studio which made GTA. No surprise why the gameplay is similar like GTA. It would be oversimplifying to call Red Dead Redemption 2 “Grand Theft Auto with horses”, but it’s well worth checking out if you’re in a GTA sort of mood.

2. Saints Row: The Third

Games like GTA

This game is very famous in the action category game. In this game, your gang is so famous and beloved that the opening mission has you robbing a bank dressed in novelty costumes of… yourselves. There’s a small-scale zombie apocalypse, player choices that actually matter, Burt f***ing Reynolds, and a three-foot-long dildo bat melee weapon. Lots of GTA-likes get bogged down in being self-serious, while Saints Row is content to just be as silly as it possibly can be.

This game will work on PC, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360

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3-Sleeping Dogs

Games like GTA

It was released in 2012 and it is great GTA alternative for Xbox, PlayStation and of course, PC. It was originally planned to be developed as an addition to the True Crime series, but this one suppressed it.

In this game, you have to control Wei Shen as an undercover policeman who is in for some deal.


This game has very similar gameplay like GTA. The latest game is widely recognized and most people enjoy playing it just because it is perfect GTA alternative. It is similar to GTA gameplay, but it focuses on the beginning of the 20th century.  This game is played on all platforms.

5-Just Cause 

This is a great open-world adventure game where you play as Agent that is lost on Vast island. It is a perfect game will provide you GTA like an experience all the way. This is a very famous 3rd perspective game which you can play for a long time without getting bore

There is a great map an island, and other islands, so you can easily get lost while wandering and exploring all amazing features and side-quests.

6-Watch Dogs 2

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Remember the “Life Invader” mission from Grand Theft Auto 5? Watch Dogs 2 is essentially that but blown up to the scale of an entire game. Rockstar’s parody of Silicon Valley still packs a little more punch than Ubisoft’s, but Watch Dogs 2 regardless holds plenty of laughs for anyone who’s had to sit through an Apple conference or a Facebook commercial You will get the various weapon to kill others.

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7- Bully

You play James Jimmy Hopkins, who is a rebel student from Bullworth Academy. Explore the campus in order to complete numerous mini-games, side missions and of course, the main quest. You have to be at your level best to compete for the levels in this game.

8-Lego City Undercover

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Switch

This game can be played by all the age group people. This game does not involve any type of drug or sex. TT Games came up with the next best thing in 2013. ‘Lego Grand Theft Auto’ is a cliched but nevertheless effective pitch for Lego City Undercover, but this adorable open-world platformer hides much more up its plastic sleeve than mere imitation.

9-The Godfather (Series)

This game is published by EA art studio. This gameplay is based on godfather series or movie.

It features original actors from the film, and if you are a fan of a movie you will be amazed at it.

According to most critics, reviews are positive. Critics stated that a game is faithful and true to the roots of The Godfather, but graphics and textures are the best way to enjoy all the way.  It is similar to GTA because of its adventure-like gameplay and what is most important, you will be addicted as soon as you start playing.

10-True Crime: Streets of LA

Game like GTA
Games like GTA

As you can figure it out from the name that this game action is performed on the streets of LA. It is known for accurate GPS recreation of certain locations and random crime that can happen on the street. This particular game focuses on different parts of the law, where you play as a police officer that wants to catch criminals and other police missions.

11-The Simpsons Hit & Run

Game like GTA
Games like GTA

Homer and the gang aren’t able to commit atrocities on the same level as someone like Niko or Trevor, of course, but you can still cause all manner of mayhem across Springfield by kicking and punching to your heart’s content.

Platforms: PC, PS2, Xbox, GameCube


Game like GTA
Games like GTA

This game is only available for XBOX 360. This game was released in 2007 with a sequel that got out in 2010. The idea is made by a person who was behind Lemmings and GTA.  The original video game contains a great sandbox environment where you are free to explore everything that you want.

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13-Scarface the World Is Yours

Game like GTA
Game like GTA

This game is totally inspired by a movie. The gameplay is very similar like it is in the movie.

It received numerous highly-rated reviews, with 85% from Metacritic, which makes it great and critically acclaimed video game.

It is available on PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox and Nintendo Wii. You can also purchase this game on the website.

Check Out These Games Like GTA

This was all about the best 13 games like GTA which you can start playing right away. Don’t waste your time waiting for GTA 6, till that time you can play with this awesome game.