Games Like Firewatch You Need to Play Right Now


In the shoes of a man named Henry, Firewatch is a beautifully stylised, the story-driven adventure that takes you on a new job where you watch out for fires in the year 1989. With plots focusing on relationships, love, loss, fears, as well as plenty of twists, this relatively short game, has made a big impression on its players. If you like the gripping storyline of Firewatch and its gorgeous visuals, these games like firewatch are must plays.

We have listed down some of the games similar to firewatch that have an afterwards long-lasting experience.

List of Games like Firewatch

Available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Gone Home has elements of mystery as well as an exploration similar to Firewatch. Instead of being in the outdoor world, Gone Home has a house setup. The presence of unexplored rooms and uncovered secrets makes it intriguing.

Games Like Firewatch
Games Like Firewatch
  • Stanley Parable

Similar to a walking simulator, Stanley Parable is an interactive deconstruction of the genre as a whole. Both you and the voice droning at you are trapped by the boundaries of the game and have to confront the harsh realities of life surrounded by invisible strong walls. You will have to go into as little detail as possible to enjoy these games like firewatch.

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  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Vanishing of Ethan Carter that emphasis on its storytelling is available on PC, Xbox One as well as PS4. You fill in the shoes of detective Paul Prospero who has the supernatural power to communicate with the dead. He receives a strangely disturbing letter from a boy named Ethan Carter. You have to find out what has transpired in Red Valley Creek as you unravel the hidden secrets in Wyoming with Henry.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
  • Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a choice-based adventure game that is an excellent story of a teenager who is caught up in abnormal circumstances. Available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, even in this game the series of the day jump forward in time throughout the story. The player is in the shoes of an 18-year-old Max Caulfield who returns to his hometown in the fictional setting of Arcadia Bay to attend Blackwell Academy. Faced with the struggle of being a teenager, Max finds it difficult to adjust in the town since she hasn’t spoken to her rebellious old best friend Chloe in a long time. Max in Life is Strange discovers the ability to rewind time. The new power lets Max solve puzzles to see different outcomes of certain choices and dialogue responses. In this corral, Firewatch is converted into a genre where walking simulators are a VR programme for land mine victims.

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  • Tacoma

Available on platforms such as PC, Xbox One, PS4, Tacoma occupies a space in the list of games like firewatch. It focuses on the characters who are on board of a futuristic space station set of 2088. You play as Amy Ferrier, a contractor who boards the space station and can also use a special tech to see holograms of the crew.


This enables you to get to know them as individuals as well as to see their lifestyle and work on the station. You can gather information by searching through desks, lockers as well as exploring personal quarters. The memorable narrative, as well as the characters, leave an impression on you. You can also form connections with other members on board easily.

  • What Remains Of Edith Finch

Available on PC, Xbox One as well as PS4, this game is for you if you want to play a uniquely touching game that you want to remember even long after it’s over. What Remains of Edith Finch also takes you to an unexpected emotional journey just like Firewatch. You play as Edith Finch in this wonderfully creative as well as beautifully crafted game. She returns to her homestead for uncovering her family history as well as discovering as to why is she the last remaining Finch left alive.

Games Like Firewatch
What Remains Of Edith Finch
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect

Exactly like Firewatch, the plots in Murdered to have to boil down to find something and have to clue the pieces together for the same. Its exclusive plot holds you through the less than optimally interactive gameplay.

  • The Long Dark

The Long Dark delivers the feeling of Firewatch’s Wyoming wilderness in its own distinct style. Available on PC, Xbox One as well as PS4, you play as Mackenzie who tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that has suffered the consequences of a geomagnetic disaster. This is a survival game in which you are required to keep a watch on your hunger and thirst levels as well as ensure to keep yourself warm in freezing temperatures.

Games Like Firewatch
Games Like Firewatch
  • Miasmata

Ticking many of the same boxes as Firewatch, this survival exploration game has an addition of disease and dehydration mechanics. In this, the scientist character has to traverse into an uninhabited island to find a cure from the plague.

  • Journey

Also available on PS4, firewatch and journey are kindred spirits in soul as well as body. The red and orange hues remind you of that game company’s magnum opus from the word go.

  • Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture

The Chinese Room’s exploration game set in Laughton, Shropshire in 1984 is a perfect game if you have loved the narrative and mystery of Firewatch. Available on PC as well as PS4 its non-linear story lets you uncover it at your own pace.

Games Like Firewatch
Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture

You appear to be the only remaining best person but you are unaware of your identity and surroundings. While you travel around the village, you discover strange guiding lights that take you on a journey of discovering the fate of residents. This eerily fascinating game with brilliant voice acting is slower in pace but lets you soak up every inch of the meticulously detailed setting.

The Final Word

Thus these games that come with mystery adventure games are really fantastic. The presence of elements similar to firewatch in these games deserves a play if you are tired of playing Firewatch for the thousandth time.