Best games like destiny 2

    games like destiny

    Destiny 2 is one of the best game when it comes to increasing the creativity level of the player. It is known for its day to day improvement. When Destiny game was launched it didn’t get any attention as there was still some scope left to make the game a better game. In this blog, we will be talking about similar games like Destiny 2.

    These all games which we are going to discuss is very fun to play. You must try every game in order to see where they stand in gameplay and storytelling.

    Best games like Destiny 2

    Let’s see one of the best games like destiny 2.

    1- Titanfall

    games like destiny 2

    Titanfall 2, a sequel that much like Destiny 2 was designed to reach a wider audience. This game is very famous for its single-player campaign mode which deals with some of the best gameplay. This game is just like destiny 2 with some advance gameplay.

    Additionally, the game’s multiplayer has seen a resurgence in popularity following the success of Respawn’s follow-up project, Apex Legends.

    2-Apex Legends

    games like destiny 2

    This game is a mixture of 2-3 games. This is one of the best 3v3 PVP games which features different character. You will be having the option to pick whatever character you want to pick.

    Since the game’s surprise launch in February, Respawn’s been adding new characters and cosmetics as well as making refinements and balances to gameplay.

    3- Warframe

    games like destiny
    games like destiny 2

    Warframe is another title that has managed to consistently deliver players a polished and rewarding gameplay experience at no cost for entry. This game is free to play with no extra cost and it comes in of the best third-person shooter games. This game is just like destiny

    The game has a similar sci-fi aesthetic as Destiny 2 as well as fast-paced PvE combat. Additionally, the recent Plains of Eidolon update makes some significant changes to one of the Warframe’s open-world locations, adding a new threat and a host of technical improvements.

    4- World war Z

    games like destiny
    games like destiny 2

    World War Z offers Left 4 Dead-style gameplay at a time when Valve doesn’t seem to care about developing new zombie shooters. In this game, you have to team up with 4 players and you have to complete all the achievements across the globe.

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    This game is usually played in the third-person perspective game.  Although WWZ is played from a third-person perspective, fans of Destiny will still find the game’s combat extremely satisfying thanks to its proprietary Swarm Engine, which allows for gory zombie executions. Headshots cause zombie’s craniums to burst into bloody messes and targeting specific body parts can cause limbs to fall off.

    5- Borderlands 2

    Next is Borderlands 2which has no doubt played a major role in influencing modern ‘looter shooter’ games like Destiny. This game is 30 hours long having some vast content. One of the best features of this game is that it supports 4k graphics.

    And even though the original Borderlands wasn’t too shabby, we prefer Borderlands 2 simply because it has more environment variety in addition to some quality of life improvements.

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    These were some of the best games like destiny 2. You should enjoy each and every game as they are very similar in terms of gameplay and storytelling the way destiny 2 is. I hope you enjoy playing these awesome games. Please let us know through the comment box below that which game you feel is very similar to games like Destiny 2.