Final Mystery Miners: Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers guide

Final Mystery Miners
Final Mystery Miners

Developed and published by Square Enix in 2010, Final Fantasy XIV is the fourteenth entry in the main Final Fantasy series and second in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game after Final Fantasy XI. Set in the fantasy realm of Eorzea, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows personal computers lets the players take control of a customised avatar. They are caught up in invasion by the hostile Garlean Empire as well as the threat of the Primals while they explore the land. After the arrival of the land’s Beastmen tribes, the players are embroiled in a plot by Garlean Legatus where they have to destroy the Primal by bringing the planet’s moon down on Eorzea.

Today’s article deals with all the aspects of Final Fantasy XIV such as its plot and also extensively deals in detail with Mystery Miner Quest.

The Plot Of The Game

Final Fantasy XIV requires the player to control a customised Adventurer avatar from one of the five playable races. Every race has two tribes and they allow for selecting either male or female characters. The avatars have their eye, hair colour, facial features, customised skin tone as well as scars and birthmarks. The stats, as well as elemental attributes, are affected by the tribe and the patron deity that the players chose. Even the opening of the game varies on the basis of the starting locations.

The game has different types of quests that are available for players. It has story quests that are unlocked when the characters accumulate experience points and raise their experience levels by unlocking new abilities. The players can access side quests as well as levelquests ( leves) through Adventurer’s Guide. Levequests are linked to some particular non-playable characters. The Side Quests, on the other hand, has Myster Miner that involves a riddle to arrive at the specified location.

Mystery Miner: What Is It?

Ffxiv Mystery Miner is a side quest that the player encounters as he burns through the game’s third expansion that is Shadowbringers. In this side mission, you do not have to tick it off through the update’s turbulent tear-jerker of the Main Scenario. You are however required to complete a far few side tasks that help you grind the necessary level for starting each MSQ. In this level 77-ish quest the players are required to find a hidden cache at an obscure location in the Amh Araeng location. The players reach in this zone very early during the Shadowbringers expansion but are split up into an early expansion portion as well as a late expansion portion.

Mystery Miner: The Riddle and Its Solution

The Riddle

The Ffxiv Mystery Miner riddle asks the player to follow the third the on the road that is afar. They should not fear the fall and look to the wall at the first dry giant’s heel and that the brave wanderer must kneel. To follow this riddle the players can either use their intuition to trawl the map or can follow the solution mentioned below.

The Solution

The players are not required to travel far in the dry wasteland to get the secret objective. Firstly they have to head out to the settlement where they pick up the mission and are then supposed to bear left down the lightly-coloured pathway. They are under the mandate to stick with this direction past a hill on their left with a couple of small rocks on the right. Players have to stop while they spot a tree with a glowing mark at the base. Their objective is to find etheral marker and from there they are required to interact with it. They have to kneel respectfully at this point until they find a treasure chest beneath the stand.

Final Mystery Miners
Final Mystery Miners


Options for Players In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is adjusted in such a manner that the players can go for longer durations without joining the part. The absence of auto-attack option puts a mandate on the player to use a manual input while an enemy is targeted. Each action, however, uses a stamina bar. The player’s level automatically increases when he defeats monsters, crafts items, completes quests as well as accumulate EXP. The levels of players affect Health Points or Hit Points, Magic Points or Mana Points. Under the Armory System, a number of abilities are available to the players. The characters are equipped with weapons or crafting tools helps them to determine character class with the help of which they can switch roles at will.

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The Final Thought

Thus the Final Fantasy XIV takes place in a high fantasy location called as Eorzea. It lets the player fight their way by choosing the job that suits their style as well as team up with their friends to overcome countless challenges together collectively.