Best fallout 4 optimization Mods

fallout 4 optimization mod
fallout 4 optimization mod

Well, Fallout 4 has taken the gaming industry by storm by its overwhelming graphics and weapons. This is considered as one of the best action cum arcade game in today’s world. It is having the whole bunch of levels on a different map. In this blog, we will be talking about the best fallout 4 optimization mods which are present.

The newly introduced mods will make the gameplay quite nice and exciting. These mods which we are going to discuss will be having some amazing tips and tricks which will add some exciting stuff in the gameplay.

fallout 4 optimization mod
fallout 4 optimization mod

For those that haven’t played through the game’s story for the first time, we suggest modding the game on the second run or a second character. The story, side-missions, and exploration are enough to keep anyone entertained for a good while. The mods which we are going to discuss can be installed both on pc or console version.

In this blog, we are now going to talk about best mods which will help you to clear the level with the utmost ease.

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Unofficial Patch – UFO4P

You might see some choppiness in the official patch of this game. Hence this unofficial patch will help you to remove that glitch which you encountered in the official version.

Here’s the download link for Xbox One and PC

Cheat Terminal Mod

This will help you to come up with some of the most amazing tips and tricks up your sleeves. This is one of the best fallout 4 optimization mods which you will ever come across.

Find below some of the best all-time cheat terminal mod.

  • God Mode
  • Infinite Ammo/Carry Weight/AP
  • Easy Lockpicking
  • One Shot Kill
  • Always Get Critical Hits/Get Epic Items
  • Increase Chem Strength
  • Perfect VATS Accuracy
  • Change Weather
  • Edit Character Anywhere
  • Spawn Workbenches
  • Containers to Hold Items in your Inventory
  • Add Caps/Weapons + DLC Weapons/Ammunition/Armor/Clothing/Weapon + Armor Mods/Legendary Effects to Weapons + Armor/Crafting Materials/SPECIAL Points/Perk Points/Levels (Instant Level-Up)/Perk Magazines/Misc Magazines (Paintjobs, Workshop Items etc.)/Quest Items (Technical Documents etc.)/S.P.E.C.I.A.L Points
  • Teleport to Dev Testing Locations (QASmoke)
  • Teleport to Custom Markers
  • Spawn Creature Companions
  • Teleport to Automation Locations
  • Teleport to Far Harbor Locations
  • Spawn Settlers & More.

Download for Xbox One / Download for PC

Game UI Tweaks & Mod Tools

These are some of the additional tweaks and mod tools which will help you to make the gameplay more interesting. Find below the steps and use them efficiently.

  1. Mod Configuration Menu – Central location for mod configuration, access through the Pause menu.
  2. Mod Organizer 2 – Want to test various mods, then this tool offers you a single platform to add and remove reliably.
  3. LevelUpMenuEx – New Menu that will allow you to add new perks and skills in the game, you can also remove classic perks using this mod.
  4. Game Configuration Menu – Modify any game settings through this menu from one place.
  5. Realistic Conversations Fallout 4 – Makes NPC’s clever.

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Character Customization Mods

If you have got bored with the character then this mod will help you to customize your character the way you want them. Download the below mod to install 2 funniest characters of Fallout 4.

Armor & Suits Mod

there are two mods you can try if you had not yet tested anything. They are Armorsmith Extended & BodySlide and Outfit Studio. These mods will allow you to manipulate the body armor quite easily.

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Mods to manipulate the environment of the game

These are some overwhelming mods which are right up there. Please give it a try.

I hope you like these mods in which we discussed the fallout 4 optimization mods. These are very interesting and its worth to give them a try.