Fallout 4 Old Guns Guide & Walktrough

    Fallout 4 old guns
    Fallout 4 old guns

    Developed by Bethesda Game Studios as well as published by Bethesda Softworks, Fallout 4 was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4 and Xbox One in 2015. Encompassing the city of Boston as well as the surrounding region of Massachusetts, this post-nuclear apocalyptic action role-playing game is the fifth instalment in the Fallout series. Its main story is set up in the year 2287 which is ten years after the event of Fallout 3 and after the Great War that had caused catastrophic nuclear devastation across the United States.

    Fallout 4 has a hidden armoury located somewhere in the Minutemen’s base of operation that is called Old Guns. This article guides the player on how they can complete the Minutemen Quest Old Guns. Following the steps in this guide would help them to uncover some new and old armaments. The players will also learn the method with which they build artillery support for their settlements.

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    The Journey To Fallout 4 Old Guns

    To access the Old Guns quest, the player has to first complete the previous Minutemen Quest. They have to wait for three commonwealth days to take back the castle as well as access the Old Guns. Completion of this quest is to Return to the Castle, Talk With Ronnie Shaw in the Castle, Get to the closed Armoury, Build and Prepare the Castle Artillery, Go To The Marked Location as well as Talk To Preston Garvey.

    Meeting with Ronnie Shaw

    The player is firstly required to complete the Taking Independence to play the Fallout 4 Minutemen Old Gun Quest. They then have to start completing new side quests for Minutemen until Preston Garvey informs the player that Ronnie Shaw wants to meet them in the Castle. If they are not there right now, the players will have to go to Ronnie Shaw and talk to her. The woman there needs help in finding the castle armoury.

    Fallout 4 old guns
    Fallout 4 old guns

    Getting to castle armoury

    Walking with Ronnie will allow the players to listen to a short conversation with her. They then have to walk towards the rubble after they reach the collapsed passage to interact with it as well as to confirming the transformation into scrap. This lets them walk forward to open the door that leads to the tunnels under the castle. The players should watch out for the automatic turrets that are placed nearby as well as for the mines that are hidden in the ground as the mines explode when the players get close to them.

    There is a strong robot Sarge that lets the player use the narrow corridors during the battle to jump to the sides whenever the robot is preparing his attacks. Using the best weapons as well as explosives weakens the enemies. They should, however, avoid hurting the allies as they help while they are on their full strengths. Standing too close to Sarge when he is destroyed can cause your death or serious damage as it can explode. Resuming the walk in one of the further rooms will make the players find the body of general McGann who has some valuable items.

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    Search The Castle Armoury

    After meeting Ronnie Shaw the player reaches the other side of the previously examined gate which has armoury next to it. They should plunder it as they can find an upgrade to the laser market musket as well as a valuable item- the Fat Man. The main objective while searching the castle armoury is to take the artillery schematic that is lying on one of the tables.

    Build The Artillery and Prepare it to Work

    The players should open the workshop window after listening to the conversation with Ronnie and go back to the main court. Selecting the Artillery Piece as well as opening the special projects tab put them in any place on the courtyard. There should be someone to operate it as neither Preston nor Ronnie or the Minuteman can work at the radio transmitter. To operate the artillery the presence of at least one more person is necessary.

    Fallout 4 old guns
    Fallout 4 old guns

    Testing the artillery

    After listening to the conversation with Ronnie Shaw the players should go to the place where the artillery test is conducted. They are required to activate Pip-boy as well as Freedom Related quest’s side objective. Selecting Artillery Smoke Grenades which the player has received recently lets them get close to the attack as well as throw grenade in its direction to retreat to a safe distance. Waiting for the place to be bombed lets them use the artillery backup to eliminate groups of strong enemies.

    The Final Words

    Thus the fallout 4 old guns is a Minutemen mission that comes after taking Independence. It only becomes available after the player speaks with Preston Garvey, finishes Taking Independence as well as claiming more settlements.