Fallout 4 Freedom Trail Quest in Fallout 4 and Join the Railroad

    Fallout 4 Freedom Trail
    Fallout 4 Freedom Trail

    Belonging to the year 2287, Fallout 4 was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks in 2015. Portraying a post-nuclear apocalyptic action role-playing game that is set in an open world requirement, the game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox One. Fallout 4 introduces the features of a base- building, layered armour system, a dialogue system featuring 1,11,000 dialogue as well as a crafting system that implements every lootable object in the game. Enemies such as Mole Rats, Raider, Super Mutants, Feral Ghouls who return along with companion Dogmeat are present in Fallout 4. The players can freely roam in the game’s world, leave any conversation at any time, travel fast in case they discover a certain location and can also customise weapons.

    Fallout 4 allows the players to meet and join Railroad but to meet them, they have to to find them and complete the “ Road To Freedom” questline. Although not difficult, this path is a bit confusing. That’s why this article deals with all the tips and tricks that help the players to an complete the trail.

    Fallout 4 Freedom Trail
    Fallout 4 Freedom Trail

    Path To The Fallout 4 Freedom Trail

    There are multiple ways to begin this quest and one way amongst them is to investigate the Park Street Station area for clues. The other one is to speak to Doctor Amari during the Molecular-level quest. Reaching to the path of Fallout 4 Freedom Trail is a prerequisite of completing the Molecular Leve that is the second last main story of the quest.

    It gets triggered when the player starts the Unlikely Valentine quest in the main story. Road to freedom takes you to the famous tourist spot known as The Freedom Trail. The waypoint indicator leads you to Boston Common that is near the Park Street Location. After reaching there the player is required to look for a fountain with a board that reads as “ At Journey’s End Follow Freedom’s Lantern”.

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    After this, the participants are required to notice the circular marker on the ground as well as the skinny red brick path that leads them to the destination. Some sections of this path are obscured by 200 years of rubble and the players have to look in every direction for the next section of the path whenever they end. This route points to the historical buildings and thus the player would find the red path near 18th century older structures in the immediate area.

    Fallout 4 Freedom Trail
    Fallout 4 Freedom Trail

    Fallout 4 Freedom Trail Code

    Following the route correctly makes them encounter the following landmarks in the order:

    Look for a seal near the Massachusetts State House around the perimeter of Boston Common that reads L4.

    Continue along the trail to Old Granary Burying Ground and be prepared to fight off some Ferals. Take note of the seal that reads A2.

    In the Old State House, there is a seal along with some bloody entrails that reads O6.

    Keep your guard up in Old Corner Bookstore due to the presence of several enemies. The seal here is marked with 3I.

    Locate the marker that reads 5R after reaching Faneuil Hall. The presence of a super mutant suicider, as well as other mutated enemies, induces the player to be super cautious.

    Defeat the enemies in Paul Revere’s House and locate the marked seal reading 8D.

    The trail ends in the Old North Church where the final seal reads as 1R.

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    Path To Get The Passcode To The Railroad Hideout

    Skipping any of these does not give the players a backtrack as every landmark has a circular mark on the ground that does not let them backtrack. After entering the church, they are required to take care of the Ghouls and then have to make a U-turn to the doorway at the opposite side of the church. This takes them to the church catacombs where the players can use their Pip-boy to light the way. They have to follow the lantern markings on the ground until they reach a metal dial on the wall that reads, “ FREEDOM TRAIL RING”. The player can turn the dial either clockwise or counterclockwise by looking at the edges of the ring. After aligning each letter at the 12:00 position, the players have to spell RAILROAD by pressing down the centre of the ring each time. Once they enter the letter D, a door opens. The Railroad fraction has a possibility of strangers who manage to find their way out. They can win them over with the help of socially graceful replies as well as by giving them a description of a detailed backstory. This encounter finally completes the quest.

    The Final Thought

    Thus the players can opt to become an exclusive member of the Railroad faction in Fallout 4 Freedom Trail by completing the Road to Freedom Quest.