Fallout 4 cappy in a haystack

Fallout 4 cappy in a haystack
Fallout 4 cappy in a haystack

Located in the west of Boston, Nuka World in Fallout 4 is a pre-war amusement park that was turned into a raider town in 2287. It includes several Hidden Cappy signs that are collected by completing a sidequest called Cappy in a Haystack. Found by chance the hidden cappy does not, however, become active till the player has the correct quest.

Thus for this, the article below deals with every aspect of Fallout 4 Cappy in detail.

Everything You Need To Know About Fallout 4 Cappy In A Haystack

How To Start The Quest

The player is required to speak to Sierra in Nuka Town USA to collect Cappy in a Haystack quest. To access this area, they have to play through the opening missions of Fallout 4 Nuka World. Finding Sierra is easy as she is found outside the Fizztop Mountain Compound. If the players are on their way to Fiztop Grill from the Cola Cars Arcade, they’ll walk right by her. Sierra aids them in receiving Fallout 4 Cappy in a Haystack quest by giving them a set of special goggles that helps them to interact with hidden cappy as well as record the clue.

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Locations For Fallout 4 Cappy In A Haystack

The waypoint for Hidden Cappy vanishes when the players get within about 50 m if they have to find them by working out the clues on a holotype that Sierra provides. Since it is a kind of pain, listed below are 10 hidden Cappy’s that help them in a probable discovery if they are wandering through the main quest of Fallout 4: Nuka World.

Nuka-Town USA Hidden Cappy locations

The partially flooded plaza near Fizztop Grill has a fountain where the players have to stand to scan the building along the curved wall for one with a couple of red pointed roofs. There is an empty lot to the left of this structure where the players can find Hidden Cappy on the back wall.

Galactic Zone Hidden Cappy locations

Galactic Zone Hidden Cappy location is on the low wall to the left just before the player passes through the gate that marks the border of the public area. For reaching here the player has to stand outside the bottom floor of Starport Nuka facing in through the entrance.

In the Galatic Zone, the second Hidden Cappy is right by the Spacewalk which is between Starport Nuka’s middle level as well as the RabCo Battlezone. It is located just outside the upper end in an alcove that to the right as the player exits after traveling up the ramp.

Safari Adventure

The Hidden Cappy is located at the entrance to the Safari Adventure Primate House. The players have to look behind the bushes as well as the large primate statute.

The Safari Zone also has a hedge maze in the northwest of the Primate House. They are supposed to find an exposed stone wall dead-end inside the maze.

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The Kiddy Kingdom Hidden Cappy locations

The spinning turntable room in the Funhouse in the Kiddie Kingdom has a Hidden Cappy. It is difficult for the player to keep themselves oriented in this room as some nasty surprises make exploration a bit of a trial. They have to find a red door three to the left from the path that leads to the Funhouse exit as well as the control room directly. The sign is located on the back wall of the little room that is behind the door.

For finding the Hidden Cappy on the north wall, the players have to travel to King Cola’s Court and leave the castle compound by the bridge. Keeping an eye out on the right as the player advances and they will spot a tall tower-like building that has a red base as well as a ruined top. They are required to climb the internal staircase to find the hidden cappy.

Dry Rock Gulch Hidden Cappy locations

The players are required to travel south from Doc Phosphate’s saloon to spot a small cemetery on their right. From there they have to walk right to the back as well as turn around to a spot a Hidden Cappy on the back of a tombstone.

To spot a Hidden Cappy in the Mad Mulligan’s Mine, the player has to walk along the linear path.

Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant

The players have to enter the World of Refreshment through the water ride’s tunnel to follow the river in the Nuka Wild area. After this, they have to turn back around after passing the second building on the left to find the Hidden Cappy on the wall.

The Final Thought: Rewards That The Players Get After Collecting Hidden Cappy Signs

After collecting all the Hidden Cappy Signs in Fallout 4, the players have to return to Sierra. They’ll get a new waypoint for Bradberton’s Office and then have to interact with the keypad for gaining access.

The players at the end of the Cappy in a Haystack quest have the option to choose either Sierra’s wishes for receiving the unique Nuka World Jumpsuit as a Reward or have to side with Bradberton to unlock a unique Mini Nuke Launcher as well as schematics for crafting its ammo. They can also go with Sierra to switch off the generator after concluding the quest that grants them access to the other reward set.