Empire Total War Mods Must have and Tips

Empire Total War Mods
Empire TotalWar Mods3

Released in 2009, Empire Total War takes the player to Total War franchise that is the eighteenth-century age of Enlightenment. In the time of political upheaval, military advancements, as well as radical thought, this game, lets you command the seas, control the land, forge a new nation as well as conquer the globe with the help of the mods.

Empire Total War Mods in Empire Total War game gives its players a new history to explore, conquer the fantasy worlds as well as challenge new campaigns to play. From Rome through Napoleon, total war mods cover the players.

To give you detailed guidance on these mods, listed below are the list of empire total war mods.

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List Of Empire Total War Mods

1. Rome: Europa Barbarorum

The most well-researched mods, Rome: Europa Barbarorum diversifies the barbarian forces by adding five new factions. This essential download for history buffs or for anyone looking to get a detailed, as well as challenging experience from the copy of Rome mod, has vanilla factions that bring them closer to the known modern scholars of the era.

2. Rome: SPQR

Rome: SPQR is another realistic mod that offers a different experience to Europa Barborum’s intensely researched overhaul. With this, you can reduce upkeep costs by including more armies on the campaign map as well as troops on the battlefield.

3. Startpos for Colonialism 1600AD

With this mod, earlier startpos have been improved as it brings regions ownerships into line with 1600 AD. Some of the changes can be Poland gaining Ukraine, Russia gaining Ingria as well as Spain gaining Jamaica, Curacao and Bahamas.

4. Rome: Roma Surrectum

This mod is recommended for anyone who loves playing the role of Romans. By adding four new factions as well as 35 new Roman legions, Roma Surrection Empire Total War Mod, supports a detailed new recruitment system. You can only train certain warriors in specific regions by adding an additional layer of strategy to army management. The new models as well as textures of this mod gives every legion a unique look as well as accommodate new forces.

5. Medieval 2: Broken Crescent 2.0

This extensive, as well as incredibly polished package, introduces 30 new factions over 250 new units. Moving to the Medieval 2 to the Middle East, this remarkable mod reskins from the dedicated pair of artists of the team. This mod lets the leaders gain specific titles on the basis of their experience as well as captured lands. The recent addition of the area of the recruitment system further adds strategic depth to an excellent campaign.

Empire Total War Mods

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6. War of 1812 Mod

Focused on 2 factions, U.S as well as the UK, War of 1812 Mod brings the Second war of Independence and makes it as realistic as possible. This mod also includes fictional Canada as well as helps you in Customs battles.

7. Medieval 2: The Third Age

This mod in the list of Empire Total War Mods brings Middle Earth to Medieval 2. With being heavily inspired by the film, this mod represents every race in twelve new factions that includes Orcs, High Elves, Dwarves as well as forces of Mordor.

8. The Tenth Anniversary Edition: The American Revolution Mod

This Empire Total War mod includes the new T.A.R unit skins, newly rebuilt launcher, new campaigns as well as graphic enhancements. It also has AI enhancements, various options, and bug fixes.

9. Empire: The American Revolution

The Empire The American Revolution mod expands the Empire by researching new skins as well as forms for many existing units in the game. This mod is ideal if you are looking for a bigger as well as a better version of the original game. The presence of 24-bit skins in this mod supports the machine.

10. Empire: Period Music Mod

The Period Mod helps you to avoid a slow descent into psychosis by adding 50- period-accurate pieces to the mix. Since the Empire requires you to spend a specified time on the campaign map, this quick, as well as easy install process, helps you plot massacres to the jaunty sounds of Mozart.

11. Imperial Splendour

With an eye towards expanding as well as enriching the experience, Imperial Splendour mod creates the best Empire Total War experience without destroying the game’s essence.

Empire Total War Mods
Empire Total War Mods

12. Napoleon: All In One

Napoleon: All In One mod incorporates 50 different types of mods into a big package. The updates focus on retexturing many units that help to differentiate them on the battlefield as well as bring them in line with the historical counterparts. The presence of sweeping changes increases the unit size for ensuring bigger battles. Alterations, on the other hand, help you to stay fit in a fight for longer.

The Final Word

Thus these mods with its features help the players to Dominate the Eighteenth Century land as well as sea easily.