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Ever since the launch of Destiny 2, hobgoblins have been troublesome. Even upon the slightest amount of damage, these robots popped a flaming shield that rendered them invulnerable. Released on October 1, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One as well as on PC, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is a new free play entry point for this game. The advent of Shadowkeep did not only eliminate this problem but has also made killing these creatures an enjoyable part of the game.

With its wealth of new content, it has caused a fundamental shift in the way through which players can make their own guardians and has also brought more things. To make the players aware of the same, we have included every related information in the article below.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: What Is It Exactly?

Designed to roll out over the Season of the Undying, Shadowkeep introduced new content as well as difficulty tiers arriving at regular intervals. Unlocked through XP, Shadowkeep included the Seasonal Artifact that gave the players access to a limited selection of weapon and armour mods having powerful effects. It has new content for every aspect of the game that includes new missions, new player versus enemies locations, player versus people maps, weapons, armour exotic gear, new raids as well as fundamental changes that are core to the game’s functionality. The mods included stuff like Oppressive Darkness that applied a weakening debuff to any enemy hit by a void grenade and Thunder Coil to juice up the arc melee blows. It has also introduced a new gameplay mechanic called as Finishers that let you take down the enemies that you have weakened sufficiently with a single blow.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Builds

Shadowkeep has introduced new ways to customize your Guardians by bringing Armor 2.0 along with it. This empowers the player with more control over the builds of their characters to express their creativity in fashion as well as function. Armour 2.0 is more flexible and specific than the armour rolls of yore but at times, it can be a little confusing. That’s why we have outlined the most crucial builds below:


  • Top-Tree Sunbreaker— The exceedingly powerful ability of Code of the Fire-Forged Hammerstrike causes tons of damage to the target. It also weakens them in a way that they are subjected to 30% extra damage from the fireteam members within 10 seconds.
  • Peregrine Greaves- Peregrine greaves when used in the air,
  • empowers the Titans to cause significantly more effective damage with the charging mele ability.
  • Explosive Finisher- With this, the player can trade a fifth of its super energy in return of the grenade energy back instantly.
  • Monte Carlo- Along with providing a stacking rampage like damage, Monte Carlo provides melee energy back every time the player damages an enemy using this weapon.
  • Intellect Mods increases super energy generation speed.
  • Loaded Question Pinnacle- Found after completing the quest received from Zavala in the tower, loaded question pinnacle damages the weapon that takes out waves of enemies.
Destiny 2 Shadowkeep
Destiny 2 Shadowkeep


  • Bottom-Tree Voidwalker—Attunement of Hunger: This buffed Vortex Nova Bomb when paired with the ability to heal or damage with your grenade makes for a dynamic playstyle. The players get to dive into the action to maintain survivability and this is bolstered further when players make use of Devour.
  • Nezarec’s Sin- This ominous exotic helmet allows for continuous use of the player’s void abilities and also increases the ability to increase the rate of energy recharge.
  • Epicurean Fusion Rifle with Demolitionist (and preferably Feeding Frenzy)- Found by slotting a Rune of Excess, this weapon uses special ammo for an extra kick.
  • Breach Refractor: By granting grenade energy on final blow with shield piercing weapons, this artefact mod ties the room together. Stacking Breach Refractor with Nezarec’s Sin and Demolitionist helps you to get your grenades back within seconds when enemy density is high.
  • Oppressive Darkness: Unlocked on the final column of the Artifact, the player with oppressive darkness mod hits the enemy with an endless supply of grenades that weakens the enemy as if they have been hit by a Tractor Cannon or Hammer Strike.

The soul of Warlock lies in the grenades. Used offensively as well as defensively, virtual grenades have an unlimited supply and every kill with them boosts the cool of enemies down.


  • Bottom-Tree Arcstrider: In this, the Way of the wind focuses on speed, agility as well as consistent use of Hunter dodge ability. This build is fun to use and a nightmare for the opponents if your fingers are quick and you aim precisely.
  • Arc Battery Grants: Found in the final column of the artefact mod chart, Arc Battery over shields and reduces cooldown during activation of arc class abilities.
  • Oathkeepers are useful for peeking corners in the Crucible as they allow for the indefinite holding of a bow in the sweet spot.
  • Accrued Redemption Bow: Accrued Redemption is a precision bow that can be seen in the first encounter of the new garden of salvation raid and hits like a truck. The player can confirm headshots left and right if they are paired with no distractions perk.
  • Eriana’s Vow: Easier to acquire exotics, Eriana’s is the first-hand cannon that uses special ammo. This build helps to circumvent a bit than using two headshots to kill guardians in PvP.
  • Paragon mods: One should stack paragon mods to re-earn the ability to dodge throughout the crucible match as soon as possible. This build helps to survive and outplay opponents.
  • Bottom-tree Arcstrider: This tree results in increased sprint speed, faster cooldowns when wounded or sprinting and makes your kill harder while dodging.

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Thus, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is a smaller yet massive addition to the game that has brought new content such as complete rejig armour, weapon system, a progression system that lasts the length of each season and also brings tangible rewards whenever the player level’s up. The systematic changes by the advent of Shadowkeep have thus added a fun element in this challenging game.