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Destiny 2 Corsair Down You should Checkout

Destiny 2 Croasair Down
Destiny 2 Croasair Down

From being available in cassettes to be available on various gaming platforms such as steam video games have come a long way. All the gaming platforms nowadays have multiple games that are challenging, complicated as well as fun at the same time. One such game that has adventures, quests, raids, strikes, as well as complexities at the same time, is Destiny 2.

This game allows the players to patrol around the Dreaming City as well as have grand old times doing public events. While patrolling a player can come across multiple curious items. One such thing is a Corsair Down. Destiny 2 Corsair Down is an intricate harmless tool that can be frustrating if it is in your inventory.

The complicated manner in which it is to be used can often leave the players in confusion. Thus to increase your awareness of the use of corsair down, we have tried to answer all the possible questions that can arise regarding Destiny 2 Corsair Down.


The Corsair down is a locator that helps you find fallen soldiers from the camp guard of the queen in the Dreaming City. This locator of sorts takes you to a secret location if you pay attention to following the clues. It acts as a transponder that gives the player a message of details of clue location of a corsair who is in trouble. and also gives Finding this bad boy depends upon RNG. You can either get this while patrolling in the Dreaming City or by completing public events in it. However, the likeliness of you getting it is more in Divalian Mist Public Event.

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Sometimes found by killing scorn types of enemies, the corsair down item can also be dropped in everyday exploration, patrols or public events. An inspection in your pursuits tab helps you to discover if you’ve got this item or not. Destiny 2 Corsair Down gives you clues in the form of keywords that leads you to different areas in the Dreaming City that can be puzzling like a riddle.

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Destiny 2 Corsair Down
  • If it transmits “ Something about Aphelion” you have to go to Aphelions Rest by heading to Petra Venj in the strand and then jumping off the cliff. Once you land you have to turn around and look for a cave to get in there.
  • A message by Corsair Down that gives you the clue of “ A-Bay” asks you to go to the Bay of Drowned Wishes. This is a lost sector in the Divalian Mists having an entrance located behind the landing zone.
  • Flashing of a message of “ something about a garden” by the corsair down means that you are required to make your way to the Gardens of Eslia. These are located in the south of the strand where you find a downed body.
  • A message noting Harbinger means you have to go to the Harbinger’s Schedule located in the north of Rheasilvia. Whereas the direction of “ Spine or Mist” means you have to head to the Spine of Keres.
  • You will have to make your way to the Chamber of Starlight located in the southern sector of Rheasilvia if a message ending in “something about a chamber” flashes on the screen.

Irrespective of the multiple clues given by your SOS call, you will be confronted by a dead body by the time you reach there. It is impossible to show up on time to help anyone despite the Corsair Down’s directions. This fact is common to all the locations. However, you can spawn the boss and defeat several enemies as Destiny 2 allows you to even interact with the dead body. If in case you have trouble in seeing your rivals then you can use a Queensfoil Tincture. You get a Corsair Badge when you defeat that boss and pick up a dropped item having a diamond icon.

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You get a corsair badge once you are in possession of an item having a diamond icon. After you get this badge you have to all that you have to do it take it to a Guard camp of the Queen. Hand the corsair badge to the NPC’s there who extend their gratitude towards you for giving them a piece of information regarding their comrade’s death. However, the guard camp of the queen rewards the player with dark fragments and rare blue gear for communicating the information. Thus the corsair badge gives a justification at the end of your game.


Thus the free to play world of Destiny 2 helps you to unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. You get to experience responsive FPS combats as well as the mysteries of the solar system. Download this complex yet fun game today to create your guardians and collect armors as well as weapons for customizing your playstyle.