Some Cool Discord Bots to Improve Your Discord Server

Cool discord bots

Well, who don’t know about discord nowadays? It’s one of the best chatting platform for gamers. If you are a game addict then this is the perfect place to hang out with like-minded people. There are certain features in the discord which makes it an overwhelming platform.  In addition, there are some cool discord bots which you can add to your server.

In this blog, we will be going to talk about some cool discord bots which will enhance the capability and customizable features in your discord server. You are going to enjoy every discord bots which we are going to talk because of their fun features which will eventually increase productivity.

Some Cool Discord Bots

What follows below is some of the cool discord bots which you should try on your server for once.

1- MeMezBot

Well if you and your friends like meme then there is no other cool discord bot then this. You can send the meme on your server which will make the community funny in some way.

Cool discord bots

This meme bot brings some of the most popular memes, i.e cute cats, doggo, Pepe the frog and several other commands to spice up your conversation. You can even call upon MeMezBot to tell a story about your mama, someone’s life or share random sounds in the voice channel.

Add MeMezBot to your server

2- Zandercraft

It’s one of the best and productive bots you will ever come across.  It is a full-fledged package that lays emphasis on chat, productivity, GIFs, and fun – which is also quite essential in our life. However, the highlight of the bot is not it’s funky antics but the ability to play XHD (extra HD), Hi-Fi music. Yes, if you are a music junkie then it’s the perfect tool for your server.

Cool discord bots
Add Zandercraft Bot to your server

3- GAwesome

It’s one of the best multipurpose bots you will find in the discord bot list. It can do the following task quite easily.

Cool discord bots
GAwesome Bot

It can kick, ban or award member ranks but can also be used to conduct polls, giveaways, generate sick memes, and much more. Along with this, it is very customizable and powerful bot.

Add GAwesome Bot to your server

4- Tatsumaki

It’s one of the most capable bots around. It does the following to your discord server. It is generally favored by the user because of its capability.

It extends you a ton of commands for moderation, setting welcome messages, notifications, and several other features. It is not just restricted to Discord but allows you to change the bot’s settings from a dedicated dashboard. It also allows you to search the web, stay up to date with an RSS feed and more right within Discord.

Add Tatsumaki to your server

5- GameStats

As you can figure it out from the name of this discord bot that this bot is all about gaming stuff. These bots do the following stuff in your discord community.

You can simply use this bot to set up a profile of your gaming aliases and share all of your stats with friends. It can also help you see your stats from a wide variety of games, including PUBG, Rust, Rainbow Six: Seige, Paragon, World of Worships, Xbox Live and many others.

Add GameStats to your server.

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6- Trivia Bot

It can enhance your knowledge and hence this cool discord bot is one of the productive ones in the market. So what are you waiting for go and download this fun discord bot and enjoy.

Cool discord bots
Trivia Bot-Cool discord bots

This bot does the following stuff. It’s a multiplayer trivia game, which holds over 3,000 questions and 24 categories to test your knowledge. The categories range from film, television, and manga to sports, nature, and science.

This is a very simplistic bot, with just three commands. You can type out ‘trivia help’ to check out all these commands, ‘trivia start’ to start playing the game, and ‘trivia categories’ to pick the topic for the questions. I’ve been busy playing (and losing!) this brain-racking game to my friends, but it’s fun to learn something new.

Add TriviaBot to your server

Improve Your Discord Server with these Useful Bots

These were some of the best cool discord bots which you can use on your server. Enjoy the fun on discord afterwards.