Civilization Revolution 2 Apk You Should Know

Civilization Revolution 2 Apk

Designed by Sid Meier, Civilization Revolution is one of the most successful strategy games that are exclusively available for mobile devices. It has given its players the chance to experience the epic empire building world in an accessible, visually impressive, fast paced as well as action packed world. However, its sequel called as Civilization Revolution 2 was released for the iOS version in July 2014 and for the Android version in November 2014.

Offering its mobile strategy fans a brand new 3D presentation as well as more tactical depth than ever before, the sequel of civilization revolution challenges its players to build a glorious empire that is capable of standing the test of time.

Thus the article below deals with everything the players should know about Civilisation Revolution 2.

Everything You Should Know About Civilisation Revolution 2

Civilization series are giving to all its strategy gamers an opportunity to lose battles against under-equipped as well as technically inferior opponents. The sequel portrays pikemen stabbing the aeroplanes, barbarians battering battleships as well as musketeers shrugging off stealth bombers. To mitigate this, the latest instalment allows the occasional victory of Ewok tactics.


The PlayStation Vita version of the game called as Civilization Revolution 2 plus added exclusive scenarios, units as well as world leaders including Oda Nobunaga, Heihachiro Togo as well as Himiko in Asia on December 3, 2015. The western release of the same was delayed twice before it came out in March 2016. The physical version that featured box art designed by Hidari is for local languages as well as English. The Vita version, however, lacks a multiplayer feature. The civilisation revolution 2 apk has also been released.

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The Plot Of The Game

Civilization Revolution 2 features the returning of leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte from the original Civilization Revolution along with Winston Churchill as well as John F Kennedy. The players have to build an empire from the several choices that include Japan, America and Russia. They can start their research as well as city production after they find their capital. Other civilizations on the map enable the players to discuss world leaders as well as trade technologies. The Game can be won in four ways :

Domination by capturing all enemy capitals

Economic by collecting 20,000 gold pieces as well as build the World Bank

Cultural b acquiring 20 converted cities, wonders, or great people and then building the United Nations

Science by being the first one to launch a spaceship that leads to Alpha Centauri

Each victory can be achieved in different ways

Civilization Revolution 2 Apk
Civilization Revolution 2 Apk

Key Features Of The Game

The introduction of New Civilization in Korea

The inclusion of New Leaders such as Lenin who is the Russian Communist and King Sejong who is the king of Joseon

Inclusion of new units that strengthen the military might with brand new combat units that include Aircraft Carriers, Jet Fighters as well as Special Forces

The introduction of new technology that includes racing to science supremacy with new Technology such as Lasers, Modern Medicine as well as Information Technology

The presence of New Buildings as well as amp that enables the players to grow as well as expand their civilization like never before with new building as well as wonders

Civilization Revolution 2 Apk
Civilization Revolution 2 Apk

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The Final Thought

Unlike its predecessor Civilization Revolution 2 confounds expectations in such a manner that it consists of all the advancements as well as additions for the rest of the series. It has a diet Civ that offers the same, great taste that is completed in an afternoon instead of a long weekend. The tech trees are subtly trimmed in such a manner that the worlds are smaller and the diplomacy gets to the point.