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Can’t Hear People on Discord – [Solved] 2019


Discord is one of the best application which you can use on your system. For the people who don’t know what discord is let me tell you that it’s one of the best community channels where you can make friends if you are a gamer. Gamer is very much active on discord as they have to keep updated with every game. In this blog, we will be trying to fix some of the issues which the user might face while using discord.

One of the issue is that you can’t hear people on discord. This is the major issue faced by the majority of the user.

can't hear people on discord
can’t hear people on discord

Can’t Hear People on Discord (How To Fix)

There are several methods which you can use to solve this issue. Let’s see some of the best method which can help us to fix the issue i.e “Can’t Hear People on Discord”.

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Methods 1:

  1. Turn On The Subsystem Of Legacy Audio– You have to follow some simple steps to do this-
  • Open the discord.
  • Go to the gear icon also known as user settings. You can easily find it in the right of the avatar in your device.
  • Then you need to select the video and audio option.
  • You need to scroll down a little, and you will find the subsystem option.
  • You have to toggle use the subsystem of legacy Audio.
  • After the dialogue box appears to click on it.
  • Select the ESC button, and your issues are resolved.
  • Set your Communication device on default- ways to do this are as follows-
  • Select the sound icon by the right-click.
  • You must click on the playback device option.
  • Then the option of default device will appear to you click on it.
  • Select the apply button after following the guided steps shown in the default device.
  • After everything is done click on the ok button and everything is resolved.

Steps To Use Input And Output Sound Correctly-

The following steps are needed to use the correct input and output sound system-

  • Visit the discord page.
  • Find the gear icon and select on it.
  • Click on to the video and audio option.
  • You will find the input and output options.
  • Visit the drop-down bar and click on the audio device of correction.
  1. Refreshing Discord- Check whether your discord is releasing too many updates that may cause crashing the sound system files. Sometimes the refreshing may solve such blogging issues.
  2. Practice Using The Web Version- After trying every possible way, still then if your problem is not solved then definitely you must not make any other fuss anymore. Instead, try the last thing that is the web version. This is very easy. Just visit the current web browser which you are using then work on it about the repair of your discord problem of sound.

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This was all about how you can fix the issue” Can’t hear people on discord”. I hope this article fix your issue.