Broken Awoken Talisman You Should Check

    Broken Awoken Talisman
    Broken Awoken Talisman

    After completing the Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign, the players receive a Broken Awoken Talisman from Petra Venj for rendering their services. Despite being a reward, it is totally broken and needs to be fixed with the help of spiders. Since fixing this is a lengthy process. The players will have to get talisman fragments to fi it but the clues that they get are rather cryptic. Thus this article deals with its repair in detail. In this Blog, You know about the broken awoken talisman.

    Broken Awake Talisman Quest: What Is It?

    Broken Awoken Talisman is a necessary device that helps the players to reach the Dreaming City. This item requires some repair that can be done with the help of spiders. Spiders take the players into the Key of Light and Darkness quest that lets the player explore the Dreaming City. They are required to visit Ikora as well as the spider who gives the player three locations that they have to visit. They are the Old Corsair hideout, the heart of Spider’s web and rare green place. Each Location relates to a specific lost sector within the Tangled Shore. After opening the cache at each one, the players can continue the questline.

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    Locations For Repairing the Broken Awaken Talisman

    Corsair hideout (Shipyard AWO-43 location)

    Located within the Jetsam of Saturn, Corsair hideout is on the south-west side of the map. The player has to go right along the wall towards the path that goes down the bank. A lost symbol is placed on the right and the entrance is behind this sign. They are required to leap over the rock and then head down the passage until the player emerges in the Shipyard AWO-43.

    Spider’s web (The Empty Tank location)

    Located in the south of the map, the heart of Spider’s Web’s location is in Thieves Landing that is close to the vendor spider. The player from the fast travel point is supposed to go up a small set of steps. They are supposed to follow the wall until they see a doorway with the Lost Sector symbol next to it. Heading through the doorway takes them to the Empty Tank.

    Rare Green Place

    Situated on the east of the map, the Rare Green Place is located within the Four Horn Gluch. If the player emerges from the direction of Thieves Landing, they would see a red domed building. They have to run past this domed building to find fissures in the rock. Heading down the linear passage lands them in the Trapper’s Cave.

    After completing these three parts, the player is supposed to return to the spider where they have to take another step of defeating taken.

    Different Types of Awoken Talisman

    Mended Awoken Talisman

    The defeat that is taken to imbue the talisman requires the player to open the doorway to the Dreaming City. Vanguard intel indicates that they can find the Taken on Io, sludge in the EDZ and strike Lake of Shadows and in Gambit. After this, the players have to fix the talisman by harnessing the darkness that is found within the taken. The players are rewarded with the Imbalanced Awoken Talisman after completing this award.

    Semi-Charged Awoken Talisman

    The players have to Absorb Darkness from the tainted Ether in the Public Event known as the “Ether Harvest” that is located in Four-Horn Gulch. In this, they have to defeat three chieftains as well as complete the events to progress. This public event has a chance of spawning in the Four Horn Gluch on the eastern side of the Tangled Shore. Once they complete this, they get Balanced Awoken Talisman. Defeat three Chieftains and complete the event to progress.

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    Balanced Awoken Talisman

    Balanced Awoken Talisman prooves that the player’s own innate light as well as proves that they are worthy to enter the Dreaming City. If they have to declare themselves to an Awoken warrior, they have to keep hold of it. After completing the previous steps, they will receive the Balanced Awoken Talisman that allows the player to travel to the Dreaming City.

    Beyond the Watchtower – Awakening

    This is the final part of the Key of Light and Darkness quest as it grants total access to the Dreaming City. The mission of awakening is part of Beyond the Watchtower campaign and recommends the Power of 500.

    The Final Solution

    Thus once the players reach the Dreaming City they have to progress through the path, take down the enemies as well as jump between dimensions. They have to meet Petra Venj in the center of the temple-like structure to head outside by clearing the Scorn. After collecting the offering by killing Elikka, the players have to return to Petra to complete the mission. After getting full access to the Dreaming City, they can come as well as go whenever they like. They are required to spend some time after uncovering the many secrets of the Dreaming City.