Best PUBG Mobile Sniping Tips for Beginners

    PUBG: Sniper tips

    PUBG has become one of the best multiplayer action games of all time. It has taken the gaming industry by storm. When it was on PC it was not much popular but as soon as Tencent launched the mobile version it became hit, From there onwards there’s no looking back.

    In this blog, we will be talking about best PUBG Mobile Sniping Tips for Beginners. Everyone is not a pro player when it comes to handling snipers in the game. Hence we have jotted down some points which you need to follow to be a quick pro sniper pro in PUBG.

    Note: These PUBG Mobile sniping tips are aimed at new players who are not accustomed to sniping in PUBG. If you consider yourself an average, or above-average player, these tips aren’t aimed at you. Although feel free to read them if you like.

    1. Land in Places Like Military Base

    PUBG: Sniper tips

    For handling sniper, the first thing which you need to know is finding the right place. You can’t shoot from a sniper in an open field. You always need a place where you can peak and shoot. Hence the military base is best for that reason. Also, you can find Sniper like M24, Kar98 and etc.

    2. Loot Air Drops

    By looting airdrops you can get premium sniper-like AWM, You can shoot down the enemy in one shot if you get AWM. You will also find the Mk14 inside Air Drops and this is another really great sniper rifle. It can switch between single fire (for long distance shooting) and automatic fire (for close combat) which makes it extremely versatile. Switch between an 8x and a 3x scope for absolute combat efficiency with the Mk14.

    3. Crouch

    PUBG: Sniper tips

    When you crouch your visibility becomes almost negligible. The change to shoot enemy from sniper also increases. To increase your chances of taking better shots without getting shot back, crouch down when you’re scoped in. This makes it difficult for the enemy to spot you, while still allowing you plenty of options for movement if you need that.

    4. A Ghillie Suit + Prone Works Wonders

    Ghillie suit is one of the best suits which you can wear to make yourself prone. It camouflage and hence enemy can’t spot you easily. Find a patch of grass and lie down to become extremely hard to spot. Moreover, you get even better stability this way. Keep in mind though, that being prone means your movement speed is extremely slow, so if you are spotted, you will have to get up and run really quickly.

    These were the best PUBG Mobile Sniping Tips for the beginner player who wants to ace the sniper game in the PUBG game.