Best PS3 Games You Should Play Right Away

best ps3 games

PS3 games are one of the best games which you can play right on your home. PS3 games are one of the best when it comes to gameplay and storytelling. While sony PS3 didn’t get the response it was expecting. In this blog, we will be talking about the best PS3 games.

But Let’s not forget that Uncharted 2, The Last of Us, and Batman: Arkham Asylum all belong to the PS3 generation. And then there are the under-appreciated classics like Resistance 3, Dead Space 2, and the LittleBigPlanet series.

1- The Last of us

best ps3 games

This first game which we are going to talk about is one of the best games of PS3 gaming. It levels up the PS3 games in terms of gameplay. Dropping the player into a beautifully realized, nuanced, all-too-believable nightmare world, The Last of Us provides the tools to survive, but wisely never the means to launch a truly empowered fight back. Every encounter and achievement in the game matters, not because of prescribed spectacle or contrived, cartoon heroism, but because of the need for the player to bring their own instincts and wits to the table.

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2- Dark Souls

Dark Souls world spoon-feeds

Dark Souls world spoon-feeds you nothing and delivers a swift and bloody death for irresponsible play, but it does so from a place of pure benevolence. It a pretty intense combat gaming where you play as a character whose main aim is to complete the achievement in the shortest time duration.

3- Persona 5

Persona 5
Persona 5

You’ll navigate daily life, taking on odd jobs, making new friends, and building relationships that grant you special abilities to make combat easier in the Metaverse – an alternate reality that exists on top of our own, governed by the evil desires of some of Japan’s most nefarious citizens.

In this game, the bosses of the villain have been termed out from real-life villain. Its a deeply relevant game and it’s worth trying.

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4- Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 kicks off with a ballsy start, essentially killing off Shepard and ripping the Normandy to pieces. The remainder is about rebuilding and redemption, as you cobble together a loveable crew of misfits to tackle a heroic suicide mission.

In this game, everything depends on the decision you take. Hence it adds the immense weightage on the decision you take while playing the game. The gameplay truly depends on your decision.

5- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty 4

Well, who needs the introduction of this game. Call of duty series every game is fantastic. There is the whole bunch of mission which needs to be accomplished. There are also very huge map and it fun to play on these map as they are fun to play.

The ghillie suit stage, the opening scenes on the tanker, that ending – Modern Warfare is stuffed full of memorable moments.

These were the best PS3 games which we were talking about. These PS3 games are worth trying. You should play these games right away. Stay tuned if you want to know more about PS3 games.