Best Hidden Object Games You Should Play in 2019

best hidden object games
best hidden object games

Have you ever heard of hidden object games? if not then let me tell you that these games are worth playing as you have to brainstorm your mind in order to succeed in this game.

In this blog, we will be talking about the best-hidden object games which you can play with your friends. These games are extremely fun to be a part of. By playing these games your creativity level will increase for sure. Hence don’t forget to play these fun-loving games.

In all these games which we are going to discuss you have to basically find out the hidden objects in order to move up the level.

lets get started with each and every games and let see what these best-hidden object games brings up in the table.

Best hidden objects games

1-Hidden City: Hidden Object Adventure

Best hidden object games

In this game, there is a beautiful city where your friend goes missing. In order to search him, you have to find various clues, hidden object, and treasures. The premise of the game is your friend went to a mysterious hidden city enveloped by constant fog and otherworldly beings

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Install Hidden City (Android | iPad)

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2-  June’s Journey

Best hidden object games
Best hidden object games

June’s Journey takes place in 1920s America. June is traveling with her niece to various places throughout the world to find her missing sister.
The game is set up in a beautiful map where you have to play your heart out in order to succeed.

Install June’s Journey (Android | iPad)

3- Enigmatis

Best hidden object games

Basically, in this game, you have to save a girl from a ghost by finding the hidden objects
Enigmatis is a game where you wake up in a small town hunted by ghosts with your memories missing or jumbled up
Price: The app costs $2.99 and contains in-app purchases.

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Install Enigmatis (Android | iPad)

4- CSI: Hidden Crimes

Best hidden object games
Best hidden object games

This game is based on the actual CSI tv show. The name of the game says it all about the genre of this game. you have to solve various crime scene by solving all the murder mystery.
Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Install CSI: Hidden Crimes (Android | iPad)

5- Twisted Lands: Origin

In this game, you play as a detective to find a missing lady. Using your skills, you need to find all the hidden clues to save the young lady and yourself from creatures threatening to kill. This is one of the all-time best-hidden object games which you should play in order to have the best experience.

There are dozen of maps which you can explore while finding the young lady.

These were some of the best hidden object games which you can play right away. These will increase your creativity level in a great manner. Please let us know through the comment box that which game you like the most.