Best Gameboy Emulator for Android

best gameboy emulator for android
best gameboy emulator for android

Gameboy is one of the best all-time portable gameplay. You can play this game on your PC or Android. In this blog, we will be talking about the best gameplay emulator for android. These emulators will be having some overwhelming features which will make the experience quite impeccable.

best gameboy emulator for android

Nowadays everyone prefers smartphones over PC to do their task. Hence playing this game on smartphones will make it quite unique and easily accessible. You just need a good emulator to do the aforementioned task.

Best GBA (Gameboy Advance) Emulators For Android

The sole purpose of this article is to introduce the best Gameboy emulator. Hence we will be talking about all-time best Gameboy emulator for android. Related Article on how to add bot to discord.

1-GBA.emu – Great Emulator to run GBA Roms

This emulator comes with the whole bunch of new features. We will be discussing the pros and cons of this emulator.

The GBA.emu does have a lot of features to boot, making it one of the best GBA emulators available on the Play Store. I am writing down some of the important features down.

  • The emulator supports quicksave.
  • Users can use cheat codes to alter the gaming experience.
  • Ability to use hardware controls.


Below are some of the Pros of this emulator

  • The emulator is loaded with advanced features.
  • Allows the user to use hardware controls.
  • Supports quicksave features and cheat codes.


  • No free version for people who want to try out the emulator.
the best emulator for android

John GBA

This is one of the most genuine emulators you will ever come across. Its name doesn’t sound like an emulator but certainly, it is one of the best emulators with some overwhelming features.

Following are some of the features of this emulator.

  • The emulator uses the original GBA engine for a better experience.
  • Allows on-screen controls.
  • You can slow down and even speed up the game if you want.


  • The free version does not have any advertisements, and the paid version is inexpensive.
  • The emulator supports cloud backup via DropBox.
  • Works offline entirely.


The only con it is having that newcomer may find it difficult.

3- My Boy

My Boy is one of the most overwhelming emulators with some unique features which no other emulator provides. It supports superior link cable over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth hence it makes this emulator unique.

Some of the best features of this emulator are:-

  • Gives you hardware control.
  • Runs on a wide range of mobile devices.
  • Offers support for cheat codes.

Now let’s see about some Pros and cons of this emulator.


  • There are a lot of advanced features.
  • You can save games at any time.
  • Uses phone’s hardware acceleration.


There are no cons in this emulator and hence you should download the emulator right away.

4- Emulator For GBA 2

This emulator is very simple to use and hence you don’t need any prerequisite for this. The number of users on this emulator is very high and hence it might be stagnant sometimes.

Some features of this emulator are:-

  • Support cable link.
  • You can use cheat codes.
  • Can save game and load whenever you feel like it.


  • Comes with features that are normally exclusive to the paid apps.
  • Easy to use and simple interface.
  • Can be downloaded for free.
  • Will run on almost any device.


  • Lacks the ad-free experience.

5- GBA Emulator

This emulator doesn’t come with some unique feature yet it is very effective. This emulator is able to run all the games. Some of the features are:-

  • Allows you to customize controls.
  • Is available for free.
  • Allows you to use a physical controller.


  • Free of cost.
  • Covers all the basics.
  • Will run every game.


  • Ads can get annoying.
Best gameboy emulator for android

These were some of the best Gameboy emulators for Android. Please do check every one of those as it comes with some pros and cons. Try every emulator and then use the best one.