Best Game Recording Softwares for Windows

    Best game recording software

    If you are a game addict then you might be tempted to record your games which you play. For that to happen you must need the best game recording software. Thereafter you can upload the recording on a different platform as youtube so that they can gain some followers.

    In this blog, we will be talking about the best game recording software which you can use to record the game.

    Game Recording Software for Windows 

    Let’s get started and discuss various game recording software that you can use to record your game with nice quality.

    1-Filmora Scrn

    Best game recording software
    Filmora Scrn

    So basically there are many challenges which you a user can encounter while playing games. Most of the time what happens is that a person wants to record both the game and himself also so that viewers can see the player’s reaction too.

    It also supports the PIP feature in which you can add a second image or video to your main footage, like a facecam for gaming. You can also take screenshots using this software and save them in various formats. There are many more amazing features in its official paid version

    2-Open Broadcaster Software: Game Capture Software

    Best game recording software

    This software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The most basic part is the installation which is pretty simple. There are numerous features that come along with this software which enhances its basic function of recording the games which you play on your Windows PC.

    3-Windows 10 Game Bar: Game Rec. Apps for Windows 10

    Windows 10 Game Bar

    This is an inbuilt software which can be launched on your Windows 10 PC by pressing the Windows key and G simultaneously. Once the game bar is launched you can easily control all the actions.

    4-ShadowPlay: Game Recording software Free


    This Game Recording Software is developed by NVIDIA which is one of the best software development companies in the world! Using this game recording software. You can record and watch the replays instantly.

    5-Action!: Action Recording Software

    Best game recording software

    This is another useful software that you can use on any Windows version. However, it is not free of cost. It also includes a 30-day free trial. You can use the game for 30 days and thereafter you will need to pay. Also if you don’t want to continue the membership you can cancel it anytime.

    So these were the best game recording software that you can use to record your game and put it up on your channel.