Animal Crossing New Horizons: here’s everything we know so far

Animal Crossing New Horizons
Animal Crossing New Horizons

Amongst the hustle-bustle of modern life, Switch has decided to entice its old and new fans through its upcoming switch games. One of them is Animal Crossing New Horizons where Tom Nook through its Deserted Island Getaway Package has a new business venture that would adore you.

From recipes to crafting, here’s what we know about this new game.

Release Date

In September 2018, during a Nintendo Direct the company via a short teaser trailer announced that animal crossing was coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019. However, this news was overturned during the company’s E3 2019 Nintendo Direct presentation by Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi when he announced that the game would release on March 20, 2020. Thus this new addition to the Animal Crossing series would launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch System on March 20, 2020.


The first trailer of the game was shown in September 2018 that gave a release date of late 2019. It did not give much information but gave an introduction to the game and to its most illustrious character, Tom Nook. The trailer that was released during E3 2019 gave its players a better idea of what they could expect while spending their life on an island. It gave a major hint about crafting playing a major role in the game. It also gave hints about the ability of the players to place furniture on the island anywhere to make the home base different from others.


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The player is required to board the Nook Inc charter. The charter ferries them to a deserted island where they set up their tent and establish their town. Once the players settle in their new home, they do traditional animal crossing activities. Some of them are shaking trees, catching fish, crafting tools and furniture with the collected materials. This game lets the player take a long walk on the beach situated on a deserted island, where a rich wealth of untouched nature awaits.



  • NOOK MILES: The September 2019 trailer made the viewers notice Nook Miles that is the game’s new currency that sits alongside bells. A player can earn Nook Miles by doing tasks around the island. They can then exchange this for things like recipes as well as items. The full range of things that one can get with Nook Miles is however not confirmed yet.
  • EXPANSION OF HOME: This game lets the players become a happy home designer. They are required to set up their tent on the island as soon as they get there that he/she would keep for a longer time. They are given the liberty to Customize and create their character and very own house on an island as a paradise by decorating the landscape with furniture.
  • SETTINGS RELATED TO REGION: The players can experience the season in the game that they are experiencing in real life with the region settings.
  • AUTOSAVE FEATURE: The autosave feature helps the player to resume the game from where they have paused. They no longer have to fear Mr Resetti who used to come if the player accidentally reset the game without saving.
  • CRAFTING: The player gets an experience of a robust crafting system by collecting materials to construct everything from tools to furniture. The player can create a variety of items using scavenged materials such as tree branches, clay, stone and hardwood. They can create tools to assist them in adventuring, signs, water jugs as well as benches.
  • FARMING: Along with crafting the player can also enjoy a variety of relaxing activities such as gardening, fishing, decorating as well as interacting and charming NPC’s
  • MULTIPLAYER: This game includes both local as well as the online multiplayer element. Up to four players can play together in local multiplayer using a single Joy-Con. The players would appear on one screen instead of a split-screen setup. Whereas in online multiplayer, eight players can play on one island. This game is compatible with the Nintendo Switch Online App.

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Thus Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that is full of peace, charm as well as creativity. This game that trades city life for the big island lets you make your life in whatever way you want it to be. Ranging from collecting resources to crafting creatures as well as handy tools, this games lets the player make friends with new arrivals, enjoy the seasons and pole vault across rivers.