Alliance Alive Review

Alliance Alive Review
Alliance Alive Review

Developed by Cattle Call with assistance from Grezzo and FuRyu, the Alliance Alive is a Japanese role-playing videogame. It was published in Japan by FyuRu in 2017 as well as by Atlus USA in 2018. The story follows a group of characters who mount a rebellion against a race of Daemons. They have ruled over humans since the blotting of sun a Millenium before.

With this article below we have tried to review the entire game. It mentions the story, features, weapons as well as the vehicles that the players can use.

Alliance Alive Review

Story Of The Game

Alliance alive is about nine individuals who come together to form an amazing alliance to change the world. The players in this dramatic RPG follow a ragtag party consisting of nine protagonists. All of them come from different races who oppose the sides of their world’s great conflict. The perspective of each character changes as they uncover the truths of the world that lets them grow as individuals. As they are guided by destiny their paths intertwine. They find themselves sharing the same goal of an epic journey.

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Features Of The Game

  • The basics of the battle allow the players to use the party up to five-member in turn-based command battles. The battle system focuses on tempo as well as allows the players to speed up the battles up to 4 times. They can change their equipment, party size as well as the formation of the menu. Battles break out when the players come in contact with roaming monsters in the symbol encounter system.
  • The talent points that are acquired by winning a battle can be used to grow the characters as well as learn various talents.
  • The presence of guilds enables the players to use their respective services as they progress through the story. There are five types of guilds that help the players to win the battle as they support attacks whole fighting an enemy near it. These are Recon, Blacksmith, Library, Signimacy as well as Tactics.

  • As the players progress, they get the power to build guild towers all over the world. They can also establish telegraphs that cross past the dark current by connecting the divided world.
  • The players while progressing through the story get the chance to recruit NPCs for the guild. Some NPCs volunteer by themselves and the player can also talk to them in the cities to recruit them. The players can expand the influence of any guild that they want by choosing the guild that they want to assign.

Weapons That The Players Can Use

Alliance Alive has seven types of weapons called a sword, greatsword, axe, spear, staff, bow, shield as well as unarmed. All the characters in the game are equipped with any weapon. These are as follows:

Swords: Although the performance of swords varies amongst daggers, long swords and rapiers, swords can be handled easily and they offer a well-rounded performance in a battle.

Greatsword: This not only offers the players highly destructive powers against the group of enemies but they are also useful in defence. The players have to use their art to make a difference between life and death as they are difficult to aim.

Axe: This is a powerful weapon that is although difficult to aim but is not recommended for novices.

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Spear: These can be handled relatively easy. They have a long reach that makes it easier for the players to land preemptive attacks. They are good for fighting against the groups of enemies. The players have to be careful when they see an enemy with a spear because even the enemies can use them.

Staff: Staffs don’t offer the players a high attack power but they can use them to provide support as well as nullify an enemy’s ability to fight. Etheracts that are needed to use Sigils come in the form of staffs.

Bow: Their power to attack high makes it easier for the players to land preemptive attacks. They can also be used for striking all enemies in a single attack. This cannot be used for defence.

Unarmed: Although the attacks with unarmed are not very strong they nullify the enemy’s ability to fight by inflicting internal damage. These can be used for manipulating as well as dodging enemy attacks.

Shield: These excel in defence and enable the players to handily intercept enemy attacks. They can be used when the players wang to protect themselves during battle

Alliance Alive Review
Alliance Alive Review

Vehicles That Can Be Used

Ornithopter: The players can use ornithopter in the rain realm. The wings can be flapped to descend it from a higher location to a lower one in the World Map.

Swan Song: This power suit was developed for battle by Tiggy. Riding this allows the players to enter lava and destroy rock obstacles while they are on the map.

Brionac: Called as Brionack, this large scale ark lets the players freely sail across the dark current.

Snow Rabbit: This animal inhabits the snow realm. It can leap high enough to reach slightly higher areas on the world map.

Wyvern: The crystal realm inhabits the Wyverns. They are called as white dragons and they fight alongside humans in aerial battles.

The Final Thought

Thus reading the entire article enables the players to get a fair idea of what alliance alive review is about.