9 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Video Advertising


If you are thinking about posting advertisement videos online but can’t get your mind to agree with the idea, then here are 9 reasons why you should definitely consider video advertising. 

Online marketing through ads is the new trend and if you are not making something out of it, then you are simply wasting your efforts. Online ads have witnessed growth in recent years and if you are a video editor and haven’t familiarized yourself with these marketing strategies yet, now is a perfect time to get started. In this article, we will discuss online video marketing with its strategies and why you should consider focusing on this business. So let’s get started. 

  • Get a deeper insight 

In recent years, the internet has gained a lot of customers with millions of active users watching videos, surfing online, posting status, etc. One of the major advantages of advertising marketing is online videos. 92% of the total B2B sphere uses online videos and a total of 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube alone, thereby providing a great platform to advertise content. 

  • From ads to sales 

There are many industries that promote online marketing such as Amazon and eBay. Reports state that putting a video with these ads into the description tends to gain a lot of customers through online marketing in recent years, which revealed that more than 35% and about one-third of the shoppers actually purchased their products after viewing the video ads. 

  • Know your customers 

For a perfect outcome for profit, it is essential to know your customers. With the advancement in technology, online marketing helps you identify your customers through the target and retarget methods. Retarget helps to deliver ads based on engagement and identifies ideal customer profiles, which once achieved, can easily cast out similar audiences through a target. Find out the needs of your audience and make sure that they are being met with. 

  • Be Unique and Creative

It is true that you have to be creative while marketing online as there are multiple users every day and you need to know your audience to find out relevant ads. There are multiple industries that are opting for online marketing, providing tough competition. Make sure the quality of your videos is top-notch with multiple scales, animations, and banners to attract audiences, which will lead to brand recognition and limit competition. Try to change your ads though edits and banners if your ads are not viewed properly and always add a unique or “stand out” feature that allows users to see it and click instantly. 

  • Flexibility 

Make sure the online campaigns can be accessed and adjusted quickly so that you manipulate data and strategies whenever you want. Customers always want something new and unique that others fail to offer. Be the first to understand the market needs or the demand and make strategic movements accordingly. Doing this will make you stay on top of the competition. 

  • Why video ads 

Studies show that videos tend to gain more audience than a regular text. A video can easily provide much more information in a shorter period of time. Videos help to point out important content rather than reading a whole paragraph about a product. Videos can connect easily with a customer at multiple levels. An interactive video with animation and colors helps customers to be a part of the video and attracts their attention easily. 

  • Sharing is profit

There are thousands of people who watch videos and share them with their near and dear ones. A video consisting of valuable content will tend to bring you more customers every day. Platforms like Twitter itself share over 700 videos every minute. Hence, you can generate more profit even as a promo video maker by simply putting up our ads and letting people generate revenues for you.

  • Mobile technology

Studies show that videos played on mobile tend to show higher growth results than a regular PC. The statistics show that companies distributing videos and ads to mobiles are generating more profit out of mobile users than others. The advancement of videos on mobile is of shorter duration with multiple visual and audio elements that can easily demonstrate “how-to” guides in a quick and informative way. 

  • Linked together

Ads, online videos, and search engines are all linked. Bigger companies set up an algorithm that is usually present on multiple websites based on their rankings. Posting a video online whether social networking, blogs, or posts, increases the chance of active users to find your videos faster simply by putting relevant or similar information on the search engine. Website cookies also help to show ads based on the user’s recent search and will help them find your videos more easily. 


Video advertising is a new trend that has gained a lot of customers online in recent years. Video marketing will not only help you to generate revenues but also allow you to implement & plan strategic moves based on market demand and stay ahead in the competitive world.